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» Saturday, October 29, 2011
The Big Finish
Wow, the car was covered with frost this morning!

Ironically, last night was the best night's sleep I had the entire trip, except for the Viagra-challenged dingbat who burned rubber and squealed by the motel in the wee hours of the morning. I expected to hear machine gun fire along with it.

We had breakfast in the little "Daybreak Center" at the Days Inn: two kinds of cereal, golden waffles, coffee, milk, orange juice, bagels, toast, some fruit. I was tremendously tired and only had a bowl of cereal and two pieces of toast. I've been jonesing for toast for weeks and satisfied it only in the past four days.

Next we packed up the car, which was ice cold. When it was full, James stayed in the room and I drove it around until there was warm air coming out of the vents, then we loaded Schuyler and Willow in.

Once the fog burned off—and boy, did we run into a big fog bank almost immediately—it was a nice ride. The temps never got above 60, so it was pleasant without being too frigid. Apparently the fog obscured every single one of the thoroughbred farms, because I don't remember seeing a one of them. We listened to a couple of more Agatha Raisins, then James took his turn to drive and we played Gaelic Storm. I drove the last leg in to more Agatha. Willow lay down to sleep a bit more today than yesterday, and Schuyler burst into volleys of chirps every time Agatha was out in the garden with birdsong in the background.

We saw some lovely autumn color in Tennessee in the Pine Mountain/Rarity/Elk Valley area, absolutely spectacular colors ranging from palest yellow to gold to orange to coral to scarlet and a few of the dark reds and purples. Very vivid yellows as always. It was quite nice, but we were tiring by that time and glad to see Knoxville and then skim by Chattanooga to arrive home about 4:30. We put the critters inside, emptied the car, and then went to Publix to get milk and something for supper. James was thinking of chicken, but our meals have been so carb-heavy this week that I persuaded him to have chicken and beef strips with our usual "summer salad" of greens, oranges, slivered almonds, and chow mein noodles. It was good, but gave me indigestion afterwards. Do you know I didn't have any indigestion while I was away?

Would that I could say the same about sleep-interrupted nights!

Rewatched the season premiere of Flying Wild Alaska because the television picture at the Days Inn was so poor, then the first two eps of the new season of This Old House, a special called The Real Story of Halloween, and finally a new veterinarian series on National Geographic, The Amazing Dr. Pol. Quite interesting...

...but quite enough for tonight.

James and I have been dragging all day, and Willow half asleep, but Schuyler was singing all through the night. That's our girl.

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