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» Sunday, October 30, 2011
Back to the Routine
But first, sleeping late! Oh, sweet sleep, in one's own bed, on one's own feather pillows, with the window open, and the fan on...yes!

We took a long time at breakfast this morning, dawdling while watching Extreme Couponing and two Rocket City Rednecks. (Still have a Law & Order to catch up on.) James was feeling rather queasy and we didn't go out until he was a bit better.

Finally we went out to Hallmark (by way of Costco, where James bought me Colonel Roosevelt for our anniversary), to get the next little "Peanuts" quartet figure (Charlie Brown playing a saxophone). We walked around a little bit, got a small cinnamon stix serving from Cinnabon, and bought some new cooky sheets at Sears before going to Kroger and finishing the shopping for the week.

While we were away fall has certianly "fell." When we turned into the street yesterday, two towering trees at the perimeter of the neighborhood were bright gold, and the tree near what used to be the Robinsons' backyard was a brillant scarlet. From our deck we can see trees that are now more yellow or other colors than green.

We had bought a rotisserie pork roast from Kroger last week, intending to eat it the night before we left, but we had forgotten it and ate something else. So we had it tonight with yellow rice with veggie flakes in it. It's excellent, and we have another meal left.

I finally wrestled the Netflix connection into working (honestly, I always have to put the info in multiple times) and we are now watching the opening episode of season 5 of Waking the Dead. I love this show; it presumes that you have more than two brain cells to rub together and it's not above tossing unexpected images and overlapping dialog at you. This one opened with one of the cast members going to prison!

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