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» Monday, October 10, 2011
Assault on Clutter
Woke to a damp-scented morning, a precursor to the afternoon, when we eventually did have some rain. The breeze picked up a bit, too, leaving us to enjoy a nice cool evening later on. It was just perfect for sleeping in on a holiday. After breakfast I attempted to tidy the craft room, but surrendered after putting some jewelry pieces away and indexing and shelving some cross-stitch magazines.

I had an idea to dub off the first three episodes of this season's Castle while looking through some catalogs before throwing them away. Halfway through the first catalog I just said "screw it" and tossed them all. I did get the coffee table partially clean, so that was a plus.

While finishing Castle I had some goat cheese and crackers with milk for lunch, then went to tackle the spare room closet. This has been a thorn in my side for some months. It hadn't reached the proportions of the McGees' hall closet, but lately every time I went in there Clay's gift fell over and blocked the door. The Christmas and birthday gifts I've been accumulating all year needed to be tucked away in the boxes, and that was done (Clay's went on the shelf). Then I emptied out the left side of the closet, which included two boxes of software and manuals that we haven't used since we moved into the house. It's time for them to go, so those were left out. I rearranged the other boxes back in the corner, shifted the vaporizers and CD cases on the shelf so that I could put the bag of party supplies on the shelf next to the paper party supplies (instead of it sitting out on the floor of the room itself), and then spent a half hour folding tissue paper and the heavier waxed paper Hobby Lobby wraps around glass items so they would lay flat and go into one big bag instead of four. I also used some wire to hang the mailing tape and labels from the rod so they would be readily available for mailing projects.

An unexpected bonus: the Dyson now fits in the closet, too!

I discovered that Animal Planet was running Animal Cops: Houston this afternoon and we watched it through early evening. I'm a bit miffed because I have the DVR set up to record all of the Animal Cops series if the episodes are new, but these appear to be 2011 episodes and they've never recorded. Grrr.

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