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» Sunday, September 25, 2011
One Bizippy, Two Bizippy

That's for sleeping in.

James made something different for breakfast this morning. Friday night he picked up a box of pumpkin spice quickbread mix at Costco. The box said it could be used to make pancakes, and that's what he did. And they were okay.

They say your taste buds deteriorate as you get older. In which case, they are definitely making these mixes too sweet! Even James noticed how sweet the mix was as a pancake. I didn't even try to use syrup; instead, I did scrapings from the orange honey artisan butter we bought yesterday at the Farmer's Market. This worked well together, as the butter has a nice orange taste, with bits of orange zest in it. But tastewise I prefer the buckwheat pancakes.

This afternoon we went to the fall Home Show and spent a couple of hours wandering about the exhibits. Not as many jacuzzi dealers these days; lots of kitchen remodeling and porch remodels. One cookware dealer and one grill dealer doing food stuff and that was about it. Both the satellite television providers were there, plus odd things like Costco.

We did look at memory foam mattresses. One dealer had a mattress that was soy-based instead of petroleum-based, which I did like. We laid down on the most expensive one and we could almost hear our backs sigh in relief. Wow! the show price was $2,600; ordinarily they are more. But we really need something that baffles movement, as we are both such restless sleepers, and it is much lighter than our present mattress. So it's something to think about.

We also bought an interesting little cooking tool: its a little ceramic dish that has a built-in grating surface. This way if you grate something that is moist, like ginger or garlic, you can retain the juice. I like that idea as I would like to use fresh garlic once in a while.

And then...

...I bought a new vacuum cleaner.

I feel intensely guilty about this. When we moved in the last house, Mom put the down payment on a Kirby for us, and I paid the rest. Together we invested $1,000 in the darn thing. It vacuums well, but I have always hated the wretched beast: it weighs a ton, is bulky and ugly, and is hard to maneuver. Something like three stores in town sell Kirby bags, they're open about three hours a day on Saturday, and three bags cost $$. I was prepared to order them online just to save money.

But we stopped at the Dyson booth and they were demo-ing two units, one smaller than the other. The larger one was a tiny bit easier to use, and with the smaller one I will have to empty the bin more often and it has the shorter cord. But it was so damn light and could get into smaller places. I can probably even use it on the stairs. The attachment nozzles are a dream to use. So I did get the smaller one, with the special animal hair head.

Plus if it doesn't pick up the birdseed I can take it back. :-)

It's not quite as loud, too, so hopefully that will keep Willow's barking at "the bizippy thing" down to a minimum.

Stopped at Publix on the way home for a few things, then came home to get cool and watch Clark Howard's show on Headline News.

(Later: lasagna and a cucumber salad for supper, watching HGTV, and tried out the Dyson. Willow still barks. Oh, well. Okay, I vacuumed Friday. Right now I vacuumed behind the computer, around the table in the dining room, in front of the television, and used the attachment to suck up some birdseed. The dirt container was already half full, and most of it was Willow's soft white undercoat. I can see I'll be emptying the little container a lot. But the head of the vacuum cleaner gets some under the chairs. And the sofa. And next to the television. Wow.)

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