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» Saturday, August 13, 2011
"We Like Her! We Really Like Her!"
So...Leigh Boros has been planning this for months: a surprise birthday party for her mother, our own Phyllis. We were even asked to park away from her house so she wouldn't recognize the cars.

And today was the day!

First we slept late. Ironically, after telling our neighbor what time the Farmer's Market opened, we didn't go. We slept until a delicious ten a.m., when Willow barked. Ate a leisurely breakfast. James cleaned the kitchen and I cleaned the hall bath. Schuyler chirped, Willow wagged. We didn't leave the house until after one, stopped at the hobby shop for about 20 minutes, then let Tinker the Droid lead us to Leigh's new house, a spiffy ranch house with three bedrooms, a living room and a family room, and dining room and eat-in kitchen, and garage. We parked in a nearby cul de sac and walked into the door...

...and were hit by a wall of heat. Leigh's air conditioning had bitten the dust.

Well, we love Phyllis. We really do. And we managed to have a great time despite it being 90°F inside. All the doors and windows were flung open and Leigh had fans running in every room, so we survived. Spent time talking about all and sundry, watched Phyllis open her gifts (the majority being books or Barnes & Noble gift cards, since we all know what Phyllis likes best!), munched on fruit, cheese, chips, olives, cold cuts, bread, and other goodies, and ate the highly inventive cake, which was made by another friend of ours, Elayna Cook. There was a sheet cake, half chocolate and half vanilla, frosted in green to look like a planet surface, topped by a Marvin the Martian in his spaceship (Marvin was made from Rice Krispies treats painted in frosting, so the whole kit'n'caboodle was edible).

Let's say by the time we left, however, we were both rather damp. :-) The A/C ran on high all the way home, and we happily got into lighter clothing when we arrived home. Watched last night's Torchwood (boy, am I glad that creepy character got his), Colour Confidential and Futurama.

We also started watching the Doctor Who special that was running on BBC America tonight, a retrospective of the Matt Smith episodes so far. It was one of those dreadful specials where they show clips from the series and have "celebrities" commenting on them. There wasn't one person I recognized...supposedly these were actors and comedians and I think someone was a wrestler (or a writer) then I was so disgusted by the idiot comments they were making that I said to James, "Do you want to see this?" and he gave me a firm "No!" and I turned it off. Ugh!

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