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» Saturday, August 27, 2011
Shopping for Two for Two--And a High Wind in the North
We were at the Farmer's Market bright and early. This is the weekend where we have to "buy for two"—two weeks, that is, as DragonCon is next weekend. So we gathered vegetables, desserts...ooooh, and the goat cheese guy was back. I bought onion and chive goat cheese, part of which I had for lunch.

From the market we went to the market...Kroger, that is, to get the remainder of things for the week. All we need for DragonCon is bread; we'll have to pick that up Wednesday.

On Labor Day all I want to walk in the supermarket to get is milk and bananas. Quick. Painless. Because we will be flat-out tired.

DragonCon released their Android schedule app yesterday. This thing is flat-out wonderful. Back in the "old days" we'd get the pocket program and the schedule grid and highlight panels we wanted to see. Once I got my PDA in 2002, I started putting the names of the panels and their location on my calendar. Last year I used the calendar on my Droid, hand-typing in each panel.

On this, each of the tracks has a schedule and there is an internal calendar. If you see a panel you like, you click the star in the right-hand corner and it's added to the calendar. James and I were both done in under a half-hour. Wow. (If registration is as good as the app, it will be impressive. They're trying a new bar-code scan this year. Hopefully no 3 1/2 hour wait like last year!)

Anyway, ever single hour is taken. Good thing we bring our food with us. :-)

We brought the things home and then chilled out for a while, as it was only 10:30. Went out after noon to go to the hobby shop and then stop at MicroCenter on the way home. I had managed to lose both of the earbud pads on my earphones, which, due to the way the case for my phone is set up, have to dangle outside of the case. So I got a new set, plus a little case meant for memory cards to keep the earphones in.

We came home by Dragon 168 to pick up supper for later.

We've been spending most of the day watching hurricane coverage on and off. Many of our friends—Emma, Rodney, Kerri, Pat Brimer, etc.—and family—James' niece Nicki, my cousin Carol, and all my folks up in Connecticut and Rhode Island—are in the path of the storm. Corley had the television tuned to the coverage at the hobby shop and they had a report from what Rhode Islanders merely call "the Pier"—everyone knows which one. The surf was already high at Narragansett Pier, and the air was so hazy you could barely see beyond the breakers while standing at the concrete wall.

We watched this week's Colour Confidential and Futurama while we ate at five, but then changed to NBC and now are watching MSNBC. New York City was rather eerie; although there were still people out in the street (Brian Williams was teasing Harry Smith about his "fan club"), they showed La Guardia closed, the subway shut down, and Grand Central Terminal with no one in it. Harry Smith also commented that they shut down Starbucks, which will probably drive NYC wild; they live on coffee.

And then the news from Boston: they're shutting down the T tomorrow. Holy cats!

Meantime, we're watching reporters struggling to stay on their feet in the wind, sand scouring seashore roads, shingles being torn off seaside homes, signs down, light poles toppling.

All it is here is hot. We got the tail end of the wind from the storm, which means we had a breeze instead of it being dead calm and stiflingly smothering. Pity that's the way we got some air.

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