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» Sunday, August 14, 2011
She Scores!
Had a nice long chat last night and a nice long sleep this morning (with the oddest dream: we were helping someone move, someone I don't even know, a single mom with two daughters). After breakfast, we were initially heading for Costco to get more of the jeans I had found there last week. But we had some excellent BJs coupons, including one for Bisquik, which we needed. So I put on "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me" and we drove up to Woodstock.

Well, I hit the jackpot: BJs had Gloria Vanderbilt "Amanda" jeans as well, in more colors than Costco had, and they had short lengths, too! Thank you to BJs for remembering that folks who are short like to be able to buy pants without having to go through the annoyance of shortening them every damn time! I bought one of each color, except for the pink, lilac, or yellow, which I didn't want, or the indigo color, which they didn't have in my size. Instead, I got two pairs of the black, plus a "blue jean," a stonewashed blue, beige, and a dark plum color. ("When I am an old woman, I shall wear purple...") I wish they had the pretty chocolate brown like last time, but for brown I will make do with the ones I bought from Costco. They did not have that color at BJs, a greyish-brown "tobacco" color. I just have to roll the bottoms up if I'm not shod, a fact that was brought home at Leigh's yesterday: the pants worked okay as long as I had shoes on, but she asked us to take off our shoes because her new house has white carpeting.

I had to giggle, because out of curiosity I looked up when I bought the last set of four jeans; it was the summer my mom died and I found them in BJs off Atwood Avenue in Johnston, RI. In fact, it was six years ago this weekend. I've had to nurse those jeans through the last few years; JoAnn made a fortune on me in iron-on patches! But I hated to give up the jeans, because, except for two spots on each pair, they are still in good shape, except for the black ones, which I completely wore out wearing to work.

We also got several other things for which we had coupons, including two new pillows for the spare room, the old ones being definitely tired out.

We came home by Kroger for the usual staples before arriving home. We hadn't had any lunch, so James warmed up the chicken wings we'd had a coupon for, while I went to gas up my car. Then we had "lunner" (or is it "dinch"? LOL) while watching Robin Hood: Men in Tights.

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