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» Sunday, August 21, 2011
Out and In
While James went off to work this morning, I had a serious affair with my feather pillows. ;-)

Only slept until 8:30, really, then had some oatmeal and milk, did my usual Sunday chores (refilled my pill sorter and tidied the master bath), and checked e-mail and Facebook. Jen sent a picture of the prototype to her wedding dress—how lovely! It exactly suits her.

Needed to gas up the car and get a newspaper, so tossed on some clothes and headed out. I also had a Bed, Bath and Beyond coupon, so I drove there first after a stop at the bank machine. (I'd also noticed that the QT was up to $3.479 for gas, so I made a less-than-minor detour to check out Costco: $3.389 there and not a crowd. That'll do.) Picked up some microfiber cloths and microfiber mitts for wiping off Willow when it rains. Then I did stop at the QT for a newspaper and ducked into Aldi for a few minutes. I was home by noon.

Did some other chores and also took a leaf from Emma's book and decided to get a few things off the DVR: Young Victoria and Edward VII: King of Pleasure from the BBC and the wonderful PBS special about Rosalind Russell, Life is a Banquet (if you ever want to read a super autobiography, try out Russell's book of the same name). They sent James home about halfway through the second of these, so we sat reading the paper as I continued. Also copied off a cute interview from a Tonight show earlier in the summer, Jay Leno interviewing the cutest elderly lady, 100 years old, Dorothy Cutler, who finished up her appearance by playing "Turkey in the Straw" on a harmonica.

Now I'm copying off Best Defense for James, and I suspect later we will watch Holmes on Homes. Lasagna and salad for supper. Yum!

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