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» Sunday, August 28, 2011
High and Dry
I got up this morning just as Hurricane Irene was making landfall in New York City—and downgraded to a tropical storm. This was some relief.

Pretty much watched MSNBC's coverage again today. No radical storm surge, thankfully, but so much rain there is now danger of flooding. Brattleboro, Vermont, looks like a Yosemite cataract is barreling through it. There was a crawl under the screen this afternoon about evacuations of Westerly, and Narragansett, South Kingstown in Rhode Island. Shots of Montauk showed flashing waves and a heavy blurring fog. Reporters talked about power outages, failed roads (there's one in North Carolina that now looks like a dotted line instead), wrecked piers and homes and railings, boats sailing loose on their own in New Bedford, families wakened by trees falling on their homes.

Me, I had breakfast and went to Costco before the price of gas went up again. Also went inside the store to scope out something else, didn't find Chex mix, but did find another pair of jeans (average length, but this is okay as long as I don't take my shoes off) in a very dark blue and also indulged a very cheap temptation: both seasons of F Troop. Oh, and ibuprofin, which is what I went for. :-)

Stopped for a newspaper, then had a hideous compulsion to go to Borders, which I repressed. Instead I went to Michaels and found a few things at a dollar each. I commented that I hadn't seen any coupons, and the manager said I could always use a JoAnn or Hobby Lobby coupon. Guess what, there's one in the the paper. So I got a part of a craft project eventually to be a gift.

Did watch the first two episodes of F Troop. No longer the most politically correct series, but I always loved the way the Hekawi hoodwinked O'Rourke and Agarn. Also copied off What the Stuarts Did For Us, which has sat on the DVR almost forever. Pity I don't have the last part. It's the only one of Adam Hart-Davis' series I couldn't find online.

We had turkey pot pie and salad for supper accompanied by the news, and then watched "Let's Kill Hitler," which revealed all the secrets about River Song (not!) and her connection with the Doctor. Rory kicked ass at the beginning of the episode—yay, Rory! Also watched the dippy "Best of the Companions" afterwards. The convention bits are fun, but why are we supposed to care about these other "celebrities" commenting about the Doctor? I'd rather see the convention people. I hate these specials where they "celebrate" a television program with a bunch of celebrities unconnected to the series, like the special ABC did on Lassie's 40th anniversary. A bunch of "name" people who had nothing to do with the series made fatuous comments. Bleah.

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