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» Sunday, August 07, 2011
Hairpocalypse Now
A quiet day. James made biscuits for breakfast, and about noon we headed for "Hair Day," which turned out to be "Hair Afternoon" this time. People brought snacks instead of lunch ingredients, and we had pizza.

We had fun talking, but the big event of the afternoon was a haircut. Our friends' son, Neil, has had his hair long for some time, but he decided he wanted to cut it into a shorter hairstyle. He was pleased with the result, and the new style looks good on him.

That was about it. We came home, watched some HGTV—we're enjoying the show Cash and Cari, about a woman who does estate sales; this time they found a gadget that looked like a giant rolling pin covered with measuring sticks, and it turned out it was a super slide rule used for engineering projects like bridges. And James likes Mike Holmes' shows.

Tomorrow the whole crazy merry-go-round starts again...wheeeeee...

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