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» Saturday, August 20, 2011
Completely Booked
Wheeee! What a day...long one, too: began at eight, when I reluctantly dragged myself from bed. I'd woken up at 6:30 after bedding down at 1 a.m. and never properly got back to sleep (it didn't help that I was hungry). But we did get to the Farmer's Market; we still had vegetables, so we pretty much just walked through tasting samples, and bought dog biscuits, some lasagna for tomorrow night's supper, breakfast for James, and a treat for James when he has to work tomorrow (a mini sweet potato cheesecake).

We dropped off the perishables, gathered up our bags, and went grocery shopping. Food Lion didn't have what I went looking for, but they did have Rachael Ray dog food on sale (and I had a coupon for one bag, so we did quite well). Then we hit Publix for a couple of things, including oatmeal, which I need for work, and finally Kroger to do the rest of the shopping. (I'm glad I got bananas at Food Lion; the Kroger bananas were all green again.) We went past the Kroger magazine stand and I snapped up the new "Bliss Victoria," which I don't usually read except at Christmas, but it was their British issue and it had a decidedly fall look to it. Then...a glance downward...ohboy, the October issue of "Blue Ridge Country"! With some spectacular fall photos in it, including this lovely cover shot of an autumn-kissed farm!

(If you want some spectacular fall photos, buy this issue!!!)

By the time we had all the loot put up, it wasn't even noon. We headed for the hobby shop where James yakked with the guys for a while as I read my Nook. Then we were off to lunch.

We had some coupons for Logan's Roadhouse, but the closest one is in Douglasville. So we planned to take the opportunity to stop in at (you guessed it) the Borders at Arbor Place Mall.

But first, lunch: we had small steaks, James' flavored with a teriyaki marinade. Very tender! It was a good lunch, and afterwards we had a good, if thirsty, round at Borders. Apparently we can't go to Arbor Place without there being a carnival there, which makes it hard to find a parking space. We just followed a family coming out of the mall.

This Borders was still pleasantly filled with books rather than junk, and I managed to find James two gifts; James found three different gifts. I also pointed him to a book of aviation stories and he picked up a couple of other things.

I had a nice collection upon checkout: an Avi book based on the life of Charles Dickens (The Traitors' Gate), The Atheist's Guide to Christmas (which I really should have gotten as a $2 e-book back when I had the chance!), Bill Bryson's The Lost Continent, Rick Steves' England book, Susan Cheevers' Louisa May Alcott (a bargain book that was then half off!), and (hurrah!) The People Behind the Border-Lines, a.k.a. How the States Got their Shapes Too, which was just released. The first chapter is about Roger Williams. :-)

Well, by this time it was almost four o'clock, and we headed home, warm and thirsty. There was a welcome glass of cold milk upon arrival and cooler clothing posthaste, just in time for America's Test Kitchen on PBS.

When the mail arrived, there was the last of my Hamilton Book purchases, a DVD called Apollo 11: A Night to Remember—the moon landing as covered by the BBC. This is so cool—many shots I'd never seen in other documentaries before, and in between the footage, James Burke, "Mr. Connections" himself, explaining various things about the mission: the escape chute, the command module, the astronauts' suits—he even went up in the "Vomit Comet" to experience weightlessness! Long cuts of moonwalk footage (in other documentaries of this sort, there is soaring background music and an intrusive narrative—here only the occasional comments of astronomer Sir Patrick Moore—whose voice puts you in mind of Winston Churchill—interrupt)!

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