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» Sunday, July 24, 2011
Up late last night talking with Mike and Jen of many things, including how boring shopping malls are now that they're mostly clothes and shoes. (Oh, and purse stores...snore...)

After breakfast it was the usual trip to Kroger for the usual supplies—bananas, yogurt, milk, something thawed for Sunday supper, even a small bag of birdseed to supplant what's left in the storage can (the birds are now bringing their offspring to the feeders; sometimes the crowd is like Mother's Day at Twin Oaks Restaurant in Cranston <g>), and those other extras that present themselves when you go to the grocery store (since we had a $2 coupon off if you spent $10 on dairy, James stocked up on shredded cheddar).

We put up the perishables, then went to Costco for Breathe-Rights and some other things we had coupons for, mostly non-perishables we can stock away. For lunch we had samples (Bagel Bites, hummus, lobster and crab spread, cheese and crackers), then came home. I mostly read for the rest of the afternoon, but had QVC's annual "Christmas in July" feature on. The folks on my online Christmas group swear by this event, and I must admit that the cooking supplies, especially the great food processor, and the battery-operated lights were interesting. A few things were dumb, like a cookie jar that looked like a purse, and the toys were dull, but then we don't have grandkids to buy for. Eventually we ended up watching the end of the ComicCon coverage, and got to see both John Barrowman and Nathan Fillion interviewed.

While James fixed supper I cleaned out both bathrooms and gave the carpet yet another vacuuming, and now I'm watching programming on the Science Channel about Alaska. Schuyler is busy responding to her cousins above the tree line. :-)

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