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» Saturday, July 16, 2011
A Magical Saturday
We had one more Harry Potter film on Blu-ray last night.

But first we had supper at Shane's, and that was lovely! It was cool outside, cloudy, with a wonderful breeze, only in the mid-70s. We ate outside, where the breeze ruffled our hair and the paper towels, the only annoyance the fly that kept trying to light on our barbecue.

Then we went to Hobby Lobby, where I took delight in wandering through the aisles full of fall finery, and more aisles already being stocked with Christmas ornaments. I did buy three fall stems and a thin vase for them that I need to used glass paints on. These are small, fine, fiery leaves and also some pods.

Then we came home and watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1. After all the goodies on the previous six Blu-Ray disks, this one was kind of a cheat: just the additional scenes and four minutes about the music! I hope the second disk has all the rest!

Of course they just want you to buy the ultimate editions...

I wish the movie had included the brief scene that explained the radio that Ron kept listening to, and the scene where Ron comes to after being splinched. I wanted the Dudley farewell scene, but I can see why they didn't use it: Dudley looks and acts silly. I can't imagine why they filmed it that way. It was a rather bittersweet scene in the book.

So this morning we were up at the crack of eight, and, after a brief detour to the bank, went to the Farmer's Market. This sojourn was even nicer than last night; it was all the way down in the mid-60s, cloudy, and a bit misty. Wore my hat and carried my umbrella as we bought some veggies and some cookies for next week's dessert, noshed on some samples. Came home by the bakery to get a couple of desserts for next week.

Once all the truck was put away, it was time for more magic: heading to the movie theatre to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2. We got there a half hour early and sat reading our Nooks, although it was hard not to pay attention to the blaring pre-film entertainment. There was a preview for a new fall series that was quite arresting: it's called PanAm and it's about stewardesses in 1963, alà Mad Men.

And then we sat mesmerized for two hours. If the first film was buildup, this one was pretty much all action. Excellent effects—I hear it looks quite good in 3D—and enjoyable performances all 'round. The dragon looked marvelous; I was upset about the cruel way it had been treated! Around the halfway point I started to sniffle, and by the time the epilog rolled around I was in tears. Harry finally had what he wished for all his life.

There was a meme going around saying that when the credits were through, you should pull out a wand and shout "Mischief managed!" Well, we bought fake "wands" (Fourth of July glowsticks) but forgot them, but when the last word scrolled by, James put up his hand and said "Mischief managed!" with me as a faint echo. We were the last ones in the theatre, but three women, an older woman with two younger ones, had just come in for the next show, and one of the girls said, "See! I told you!" The older woman said, "Well, you can do it, too." LOL.

When we emerged from the theatre the clouds were clearing. We had lunch across the parking lot at Oriental Cafe, then went to the hobby shop for a while.

Finally to the second portion of today's magic: this is the weekend of the Hallmark Ornament Premiere. Looked through the catalog online some weeks ago and happily did not find too many things that I wanted. Some ornaments will not be released until October, too. Ended up getting eight things, including James' airplane for this year. Still thinking about the Irish angel, which is quite lovely.

We also went to Borders, but the trips are getting funereal. James read that what's left of the store is in big trouble. It looks as if the only one who will be buying the business will be liquidators. It's like losing a close friend. Heck, I've been shopping at a Borders' owned company (starting with Waldenbooks) since the early 70s. I remember those Saturday nights after Warwick Mall opened, walking the length of the mall to enjoy myself at Waldenbooks. When Madeleine L'Engle wrote her first sequel to A Wrinkle in Time, I bought it at Waldenbooks, and the second one as well, and so many other volumes I loved.

Our final stop was at Trader Joe's, then we came home to eat supper. We saw a documentary on the London premiere of Deathly Hallows and watched A Year in the Life of J.K. Rowling, the last of the features on the Half-Blood Prince Blu-Ray set; that one had a bumper crop of material!

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