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» Saturday, July 30, 2011
Lunch at BJs and Other Stories
Dang. I did not mean us to stay up so late last night. But Leno had Gillian Anderson on and I had not seen her in ages, and they did the funniest segment: it was a film about American History comprised of "Jaywalking" segments, done in a pseudo-Ken-Burns style. From this film we learned John Wayne fought alongside Davey Crockett at the Alamo, George Washington gave the Gettysburg Address during World War II, the British rode on Paul Revere's ride, and other idiocy.

So I wasn't really happy to be woken this morning by the alarm clock. Nevertheless, we went to the Farmer's Market. The sky was perfectly clear, and even at 8:55 the sun was merciless. It was as if it had claws and dug its way into your skin. This was odd because there was a nice breeze and if you were in the shade it wasn't all that bad. So we squinted our way through the market, buying potatoes, cucumbers, tomatoes, a pot pie, and homemade cookies.

From the market we went to Kroger to pick up things for the week, including some bird seed to refresh the can for Schuyler's wild cousins. While James put the groceries up, I went outside on the porch to refill the feeders. I'm not going to buy seed at Kroger any longer; or at least that particular seed. First the black oil sunflower seeds are so big that they are jamming my small feeders. Also, I just noticed the seeds come with crasins and bits of fruit in it. No wonder I'm finding bees at the feeder!

We didn't stay home all that long, but got some coupons together and went back out. The cloudless sky was now scattered with big, white fluffy clouds that reminded me of bedtime.

James has been feeling discontented with his bank for some time, and has been researching credit unions. He made his decision last week and today we went to the LGE credit union (what was formerly the Lockheed Credit Union; it's now for anyone who's a resident of Cobb County) to open an account. After his direct deposit starts going there, he will close out his other account.

From there we went to the hobby shop, where I finished up A Discovery of Witches, and then we drove to BJs in Woodstock. We were within one serving of being out of beef and two away from being out of pork, and since we had coupons for other things, we decided to go.

Hadn't thought about lunch in the meantime and it turned out we didn't have to. BJs was having some sort of "Taste of" festival featuring neighboring food places. We had part of a ham sandwich from Atlanta Bread Company, some barbecue and sides from a barbecue place, their new breakfast oatmeal (steel cut oats!) from Chik-Fil-A, orange chicken from Panda Express, some fajita beef and chicken from a Hispanic market, salsa and chips, apple pie, and cake.

Plus we got some shopping done, too.

We emerged from BJs to find the sky boiling over with grey clouds. We didn't get caught in any hard rain, but a few big splats hit the windshield now and then as we came home with our booty. After a drink, we separated the sliced pork loin and the sliced bottom round and somehow wedged it all in the freezer along with the Jamaican meat patties.

To get the meat in, we had to dig out some leftovers, so we had some of the brown-sugar pork loin for supper, and strawberries over dessert shells with whipped cream for dessert.

I'm now traveling in time. I got a wild hare and ordered the first season of McMillan and Wife from Netflix; it includes the 1971 pilot movie. Hard to believe this is 40 years old.

Well, except when you see the 70s fashions! Most of Sally's clothes are still quite chic (well, there are those crazy-quilt pants she's wearing in the first episode), but oh, those men's fashions of the 1970s! In one sequence Mac is going to a party and wearing a tux. The tux has big round spots all over the jacket, shiny where the rest of the jacket was satin, plus he had a ruffled front on his shirt.

Notice this was co-written by Chester Krumholz, who later produced Dr. Simon Locke, co-starring Jack Albertson, who is also in the pilot film. I don't think Albertson was speaking to Krumholz after his year on Locke was over, though. :-)

(Oh, we did have some excitement this morning. Last night a fly and a wasp got into the house. We killed the fly, but the wasp disappeared. I was terrified James would get stung, even if his sting kit was nearby. And I've never been stung by a wasp or a bee; with my unpredictable allergy, anything could happen.

The wasp had not shown itself this morning, but after I took the bird seed out on the deck, when I came back in, there was the wasp on the doorknob. I shrieked for James, who rolled up the Noble Catalog that had come in the mail and dispatched the wasp with one smack.

I guess Harry Potter really is magic. LOL.)

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