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» Saturday, July 23, 2011
In the Dark of the Afternoon and the Light of the Evening
Realized a few days ago we had two different things planned for today, so acted accordingly: we slept in. I got up to take some ibuprofin at eight thirty and thought I'd have a few more winks; next thing I knew Willow was woofing softly and it was ten o'clock.

We had breakfast and read comics until about 12:30, when we left for the hobby shop. Only spent a few minutes there as we were headed back to midtown and this month's "Meet'n'Greet" with the BritTrack folks from DragonCon. There was a sizable art festival going on along Ponce de Leon near the Fernbank Museum, lining a good portion of the right side of the road, and it really had traffic snarled, so we had barely arrived at the Marlay House, sat down in the "snug" with Rob Bowen, Caro McCully and the others, and had just gotten something to drink when the power flickered, hiccuped, then went out.

It was out for an hour, but we "made do." First we moved out of the snug and to the front of the pub, where there were windows and more light. There was no light or power in the kitchen, so they couldn't fix us any food, but they did have soup already made, so each had a bowl of that, creamy turkey vegetable with bread and butter on the side. Yum! Later after the power came on, we each had a beef brisket "slider." That was quite good, too, but the barbecue sauce "repeated" on me all afternoon.

However, the company made up for the blackout. We talked about Torchwood, Doctor Who, Martin Landau doing a Space: 1999 panel at DragonCon, the D*Con parade, and all matter of fun fannishness. The gathering broke up about four, and we headed home by going the "long" way, east to I-285, then south on I-85 and north on I-75 (since there was construction on I-285 westbound) rather than face the tangled mess on Ponce again.

Came home long enough to give Willow an airing, to talk to Schuyler, and to each have a sandwich and a drink before heading out again.

Louis Robinson was performing at Ragamuffin Music Hall tonight along with Jimmy Galloway and Pat Walsh, so we'd decided to go over a month ago. And so we did. It was a fun evening—each of them performing in turn. Again, it was a nice mix of folk and bluegrass and blues. Jimmy Galloway sure can pick! His fingers move over those guitar strings like lightning. Pat Walsh played both a six-string guitar and four-string tenor guitar. Louis Robinson did all of his standards, including the haunting "For Ireland" and the sweet "My Dear." (All three can be found on YouTube, although Pat Walsh warns that there is also a wrestler by that name and you should add "tenor guitar" to his search.)

We drove there and back listening to The Splendid Table, having spent an enjoyable day.

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