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» Sunday, July 31, 2011
For a day where I didn't have a lot planned, I did get a bunch of things done.

#1—Sleep late. Sleep will be at a premium until September 30.

Skim milk, oatmeal, and yogurt accompanied by budgie chirps. Perfect breakfast.

On Friday after eating supper at Folks, we went to MicroCenter to pick up a new enclosure for my old hard drive, which I use for backup. The prong that connected the box itself to the USB connector cord had broken off. Well, I thought it was an IDE drive. Nope, it was a SATA drive. So we took the enclosure back around noon. I also picked up another package of DVD holders. Last year I had found some great six-DVD holders to hold my self-recorded DVDs (stuff I have recorded off TV back as far as 1980). They really helped organize that collection, but there was little extra room. Well, MicroCenter had six-DVD cases that were even thinner, the size of a regular DVD case. Wow. I could actually have some room in the cabinet.

So basically what I did all afternoon was put the DVDs in the new cases, trimming the covers when I could, making and printing new ones if I couldn't. And I can still see things I can concatinate, like various Christmas specials, so I want another package of them.

Plus I put the hard drive in the case and did a backup of my hard drive and cut coupons.

While that was going on we listened to a "Splendid Table" podcast, then caught up on three weeks of "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me."

James assembled strawberries for dessert for later in the week, replaced the intake filter for the A/C, and made supper from some homemade turkey soup we had to take out of the freezer to get the beef in. Yum. We usually save the soup for when it's cold or when we're sick, so this was kind of a treat.

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