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» Friday, June 24, 2011
Where Has the Week Gone?
Really. I didn't even get to do Simple Woman's Daybook this week. Work isn't I'm-drowning busy, but it's steady and I've got one old order going spare, another that gained criticism for the advertisement I did for it, and just general frustration. I was writing a lot of e-mails. And, sadly, I don't have high hopes for the one order that's going spare. Bother.

Otherwise I have just been gazing dully nightly at either the idiot box or a book. James had a doctor's appointment Tuesday. We had Dragon for supper Wednesday night (otherwise known to Mr. Shreve as the place that makes real fried rice). Watched the next disk of Murdoch Mysteries last night.

Everything's redone, I believe, on the laptop, except setting up WS-FTP and that isn't as critical now that you can update photos in Blogger or Facebook rather than having to link Blogger photos from a static site. Oh, after doing 356 basic Windows updates and having to re-download Service Pack 3 in the wee hours of Sunday morning, Windows still dropped something like fifty more updates on me on Sunday afternoon. Wow.

Today I slept a bit late, had breakfast, then went to Walmart via the library to return Treason at Lisson Grove. I needed mostly small things at Wally World, but was also looking for a new broom for upstairs and a new rug for in front of the deck door; they had the former, but not the latter. Also got bananas, since apparently Kroger (at least the Kroger we go to regularly) is incapable of carrying anything but green ones.

Did gasp a bit looking at the Yoplait in Walmart. 66 cents!

My jaw dropped completely when I stopped at Publix to check out the twofers (all they had good was Chex mix, but I did get enough lamb to make a meal and a baguette to go with my lunch). The Yoplait, which was 10 for $6 two weeks ago, is now 8 for $6.00. It's gone up 15 cents a container! Is there a shortage of yogurt???

I didn't stop at Kroger to see the grim truth, but I did get gasoline there. I was nonplussed when I scanned my own Plus card and it said "Do you want to use the 30 cent a gallon bonus?" I didn't even know I had one! Get gasoline for 3.159 a gallon? Oh, twist my arm! twist my arm!

I had no sooner arrived home and had lunch (vegetable soup, some of the baguette, and one of the nice crispy peaches I got at Walmart) that I had to run outside to refill the bird feeders.

When the titmice start flying at the window trying to get your attention, I think they're hungry!

This was a bit nasty since between the last time I'd filled the feeders and now, it had rained quite hard, and the seed that was left in the cup of the feeder was black, stuck together, and sprouting. Had to scrape it all out before I could refill. Yuck.

And now I'm listening to a Mugglecast and nursing a headache from being out in the sun ten entire minutes.

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