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» Saturday, June 11, 2011
Too Early, Too Hot
It was our own fault. We probably didn't get to sleep until after one because we watched both backlogged episodes of R5Sons Alaska. So it was reeeeally hard to get up this morning at 8 a.m., and indeed we dawdled so much we couldn't park where we usually do.

Even at nine o'clock it was already oppressively warm, like the weight of an unwelcome throw resting on your shoulders. We bought vegetables and some chicken salad (I like the chicken salad at Trader Joe's; James likes the chicken salad from the farmer's market) and a pot pie. Bernhard's booth was quite busy, so we just left and went by the bakery itself instead. More Portuguese rolls. Yum.

Came home and mostly sat about sleepily. I had a half sandwich with one of the rolls with the blackberry spread from Panorama Orchards. This is just blackberries, fruit juice, and pectin, and should be listed as one of the foods served in Heaven. The other half of the roll I ate with mint jelly.

James finally went off to his IPMS meeting, and I took the car out to get some gasoline. The sky was high overcast and while I was filling up the tank the thunder did rumble ominously, and there were some spits of rain, but nothing really ever came of it. I drove home via CVS, wanting to get a new container of wipes for the truck. Success! Found large bobby pins, which, I discovered, are called "roller pins." This new batch seems to be made of thinner metal. Well, I have some until I find better.

Came home and did things that were neglected for Timegate and Rodney's visit: put up the spring decorations properly, put the "think geek" and "Italia" stickers on my car, put away the Bounty paper towels I bought when I couldn't find Brawny. Huh! Some "bounty" they are: their "mega-rolls" are miniscule, the size of a Brawny regular roll.

Now, finally, I'm working on How the States Got Their Shapes.

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