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» Friday, June 10, 2011
No Fuss and Feathers
But definitely a sleep-in on my compressed day off. I actually got up when I woke up, rather than responding to the tyranny of an alarm. Ate as quickly as possible to get out before it really got warm (no chance as it was almost ten). I wanted to go to Trader Joe's, so went out to Border's first to pick up Victoria Thompson's newest in paperback, and also found the June British "Country Living." Did notice that The Disappearing Spoon was finally out in paperback. Yay!

Was looking for a different book, but noticed one called Nerds, basically what I have been complaining about for years, how our society devalues the intelligent, calling them "nerds" and "geeks," while pandering to the "beautiful," the "athletic," the "popular," and glorifying stupidity.

Also keep drifting back to The Reading Promise, but I don't usually buy hardbacks. Wonder if the library has it. (Yes, they do. I have reserved.)

It was already sweltering when I emerged from Borders, but I wanted to stop at Bed Bath & Beyond. I'm approaching the point where I need new pillows again, but I want good pillows, and that was forcibly brought home as I checked out the cheaper feather pillows ($14.95 to $25.00). I took each different kind from its plastic bag and plumped them. In each case, little puffs of feathers came through the pillow ticking, along with bits of thread. Not a good quality pillow. If I want a good pillow, it's going to be about $60. What I expected, but I'll have to do it 20 percent off coupon by coupon. The ones I bought last time were pricy, too, since they have hypoallergic covers, and I wish I could get them again; unfortunately they were from Linens'n'Things. Can't hurt to check Kohls and other places, too. I did see, however, some affordable new pillows for the spare room.

Then it was time for Trader Joe's. Had a sample of strawberries, bought chicken salad and some other goodies, and headed home by way of Microcenter to buy a 2GB micro SD card for the Nook (I realized, when I got home, that I already had one—duh; from my old cell phone). I was planning to get a larger one, but I need a class six or above and they weren't sure they had any. This means a trip to Frys. Ouch! Ouch! Twist my arm! :-)

Came home planning to do some crafts and ended up listening to the rest of Whip Hand and the Agatha Raisin adaptations on BBC4X. Never did get to Sherlock Holmes before James got home.

We had supper at Sweet Tomatoes. Bleah. They only have vanilla soft serve for dessert now, no more chocolate. Vanilla. Bleah. Blech.

Stopped at Hobbytown, then went to Barnes & Noble, stopping by CD Warehouse first. Got The King's Speech and Voyage of the Dawn Treader for ridiculously low prices. Buying used is cool!

Tried out the "read in Barnes & Noble" feature. You can go into any store with your Nook and read any book that has an e-book format for an hour for no charge. I pulled up Billy Boyle and read a couple of chapters between looking at the books and magazines. I wish I'd caught this when B&N gave it away on "Free Fridays"! It's a mystery story set during World War II; the protagonist is a Boston cop who got an officer's commission because he's related to General Eisenhower. When he arrives in London it's obvious his illustrious relative plans to use him for intelligence work.

And then home to watch Colour Confidential and R5Sons Alaska.

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