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» Sunday, June 26, 2011
A Matter of Many Things
Been trying to relax this weekend because of a busy couple of work days coming up. I think we managed it in conjunction with errands that needed doing.

Friday evening we rather lucked out. James was jonesing for the new specials at Red Lobster. We'd no sooner arrived than the clouds opened and we had Georgia Monsoon Season. This subsided, then roared to life again, but when we emerged it had stopped once again, so we were able to stop at Lowes to buy the last of the birdseed (the thistle seed blend) and Food Depot to pick up some yellow rice for Hair Day. And then we came home since without Borders there really isn't anywhere else to go.

Saturday we pretty much were busy until suppertime. First we hurried through the Farmer's Market, and next spent a fun three hours at Hair Day. Juanita brought some outstanding barbecue chicken legs, Mel and Phyllis brought corn, James had made the yellow rice (with veggie flakes), and Lin made Paula Deen's Asian salad, which is supremely yummy. Charles brought fruit and Ben and T chips, and the Taylors brought mini-ice cream sandwiches for dessert.

Next was the weekly visit to the hobby shop. The guys model-neeped while I read James Potter and the Hall at Elder's Crossing (not bad for fanfic, although Lippert doesn't quite have the mischievous sense of humor Rowling does).

Then we went on to Borders. The new "Yankee" and "Early American Life" were out, and I went ahead and bought The Bucolic Plague, which looks amusing. I still can't find Grace Interrupted, so figure I need to order it online. Since I'm a Border's Plus member, I can order it for 40 percent off and get it shipped free. Can't beat that.

Stopped at Trader Joe's on the way home. James got some roast beef and a demi-baguette to have a sub-type sandwich for supper—after that lunch neither of us was that ravenous—and I got a mixed package of Italian meats and had a proscuitto sandwich.

We'd watched Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets last night, so we finished up with all the extras Saturday evening, then watched a few more episodes of The Tower, a documentary about the Tower of London that is presently streaming on Netflix. I had forgotten the brouhaha with the router and was initially surprised when it said it couldn't connect to the internet. Well, of course it can't.

A slow chat night, and one of the members soon signed off, having been afflicted with poison oak. That brings back memories, none of them good. We at one time had a poison ivy bush in the corner of our back yard. Neither Dad nor Victor next door could dig it out, as the moment they got near it, even with protective clothing, they got poison ivy. Me, all I had to do was get downwind of the stuff; if I was perspiring it was pretty much a given that I'd get it. The only thing to soothe it would be a cool shower and an all-over coat of Caladryl, which dried off and left an ungodly mess of pink chips all over.

No, I don't miss poison ivy.

The usual trip to Kroger this morning, then we went to Costco to buy a few more necessities (BreatheRights and granola bars), where we also managed to eat a nice lunch from the samples—turkey and cheese sandwich samples, lobster and crab spread, chips and salsa, pretzel flats, sweet bread . . .

We also spent an hour sharing a double chocolate chip cold drink at the Starbucks at Barnes & Noble. I'm 30 pages from finishing Billy Boyle, but my hour ran out. :-)

It was still early when we got home, so I put on The Last Starfighter. Beside this being a fun film, this movie has special significance to us: it's the first film James and I saw together. Later I put on Romancing the Stone, which we saw the very same year (so it's been like 1984 all over again here tonight...LOL). Watching the extras now, including the missing scenes. Was quite surprised to discover that Joan's original agent was a man!

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