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» Saturday, June 11, 2011
"Doggedly, She Continued"
Well, only one state got "shaped." LOL. By the time the second came along I turned off the recorder and tried to nap instead.

When James got home, he suggested we go to Fry's. Oh, oh, twist my arm, twist my arm!

On the way there, we stopped at the IHOP just between Roswell and Alpharetta to have dinner. Service was okay, but the kitchen got our potato soup wrong (put sour cream in it) and when the replacement came back, it was lukewarm. James got the new crunchy tortilla scramble with steak, which wasn't crunchy and the taste was scrambled rather than the tortilla. My sirloin tips were okay, but a bit tough.

Fry's was better. I found a Class 10 16GB microSD card. Reports on what happens to it later. I also found PaintShop Pro X3 half-price, with a $20 rebate off the sale price. PSP is my favorite graphics program and I just couldn't resist. Jewelry? Naw. Clothes and shoes? No interest. But software—that's the ticket.

On the way to Fry's it had been oppressively smothery, but a big thundercloud hung in the west. We saw a few spatters on the windshield, but that was it. But evidently it brought some cool air with it, because when we emerged from Fry's it was cool! (Only in the summer would I consider 74°F cool...) With a breeze! We drove home with the truck windows down enjoying every particle of cool breathable air, with an absolutely spectacular sunset burning in the west, all sorts of oranges and yellows, with bits of pink and purple around the edges, like something ordered by Natalie Kalmus to test out the Technicolor process.

We passed by Ragamuffin where we took Rodney last week—if it had only been like this last Saturday night!—and as we sped by I thought I could see Louis Robinson performing through the window (it wasn't him; he said he was on later). We'll have to go back there again; it was a lot of fun.

Home again. I was already on chat on my Droid before we hit the door. Ignored Doctor Who since we haven't seen the previous episode yet, but watched Ice Pilots instead.

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