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» Friday, May 13, 2011
A Spoonful at a Time
Thankfully it was a much nicer day than it was a yesterday afternoon. Lunch (some leftover pork) completely sent my stomach into a tailspin; I was sick to my stomach all afternoon and even after a very plain dinner of turkey and ramen noodles I wasn't feeling well. It took a long time to fall asleep.

I wasn't exactly refreshed when I woke up this morning, but thankfully I wasn't sick to my stomach any longer. I had oatmeal and yogurt while I sat at the computer and checked e-mail and the weather. Well, goodness, there was a 40 percent off coupon for Borders this weekend. I immediately thought of going out to East Cobb to get Earlene Fowler's State Fair, which I looked for last weekend. But the East Cobb store was out of it. Of course, I could always order it online, but then I'd have to pay postage.

But wait, I'm a Borders Reward Plus member. I don't have to pay postage. Okay, I'll order it and use the coupon code. Then I noticed the "buy any paperback, get a second half off." Pity they won't let you use two coupon codes together. Oh, wait, they will! So I got State Fair for 40 percent off, and Mr. Monk on the Road for 50 percent off, no postage, and, oh, yeah, I had $5 in Borders Bucks. So I got two paperbacks for $3.07. Yay.

I still went out to East Cobb, as I had a coupon for Betsy's Hallmark and another for Michael's, and wanted to stop at Trader Joe's. So I used a coupon at Borders for Italian Neighbors, plus found the May British "Country Living." At Michael's I stopped briefly for a part to a craft project, and got various things at Trader Joe's, including more of the chocolate cake for desserts, and some delicious onion dip for Hair Day. Finally I stopped at Betsy's. They didn't have what I really wanted, a small purse organizer, so I bought a small item that can be used for a gift instead, then came home via the gas station. Zowee...$54 to fill up my car!

Spent the afternoon trying to work with Willow a little. She has been having what we think are deliberate "accidents" to get our attention. I also trimmed the fur around her paws, vacuumed, put up the things I'd purchased, and had a little lunch. Frankly, I don't know where the afternoon went.

James got out a little early, and arrived home with some groceries he'd picked up at Publix (he needed at least one ingredient for the Tabouli he was making for Hair Day). We had supper at Fresh2Order, then walked across the parking lot—rejoicing in the cool air that was suddenly tossing the trees and sweeping across the asphalt—to Costco and picked up some things we had coupons for, like omeprazole. I found the complete Jeeves and Wooster amongst the DVDs at a lovely price (and the new "Shop Smart" to boot).

And still, amazingly, arrived home before 7 p.m. Watched two Colour Confidential programs, as well as a couple of Improv-a-ganza shows. James was looking for a container to put the Tabouli in, so we rooted in the big plastic container shoved in the corner of our master bedroom closet, the one with the stuff we can't fit into the kitchen, like the turkey platter and additional Corningware, and discovered the rest of the silverware we brought home from my mom's attic (it was the same silverware, received by both myself and my dad when we worked at Trifari). Oh, good, more teaspoons!

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