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» Sunday, May 08, 2011
Sorta Lazy Sunday
Went to bed last night rather later than expected; Jen couldn't get on chat because her ISP had been banned from Dalnet for spamming. !@#!@#$! spammers! I contacted Ops to see if someone could help her; they did try, but couldn't. Phooey.

So we didn't get up until late this morning, and I was a bit out of sorts all morning, with a nagging sinus headache. James had one himself. We didn't go out to Kroger until after noon—I was reading the end of White Corridor and wanted to know what happened!—and then as we got back into the truck, I had a nosebleed out of nowhere. Kept my nose pinched on the ride home and it abated.

After a little while we decided to go to Borders, as Larry Correia's new book was out. We had to go to Douglasville to get it, and even then James had to ask someone to get it for him, as they had not put it out yet. I tried to find either State Fair (Earlene Fowler) or Mr. Monk on the Road (which I've been waiting for), and they were sold out of both. I did pick up My Life in France from the remainder shelf, having been intrigued by this part of Julie & Julia.

By this time it was almost five, so we came home and chilled out for an hour or so until we were ready for supper. James had marinated some lamb shoulder pieces in Trader Joe's "Island Soyaki" and grilled them. Grilling really gets rid of a lot of the fat that lamb tends to have, and the marinade removes the strong taste. We had a tomato-and-cucumber salad on the side, and fresh strawberries and cream on angel food cake for dessert while watching Extreme Makeover.

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