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» Friday, May 27, 2011
So We Are at Timegate
Really at, since I got a wild hair earlier in the month and decided to get hotel rooms. It's a nice room, but we had a problem with the A/C that was not resolved till 9 pm. Plus there's a funny odor in the room that's bothered me since Willow and Schuyler are with us. (Also, one of the elevators was stuck between floors which did nothing for my ease. I've been a bit nervous all day.) Wil did very well when we took her on the con floor, despite the big black "wolf" (Sadie the bobtailed dog) who wanted to play.

We had had no lunch by the time we checked on, so we ran to Kroger for hot dogs and some nice peaches. We ate on the room with the fids, then went downstairs to get our badges and a bit later to partake of the buffet. The Spiveys walked by the restaurant after they registered, and sat to talk with us for a while.

Also had to take Wil out a couple times due to her nervousness. Everyone wanted to pet her, and eventually she got to like it. She sat quietly at our feet during the "Intro to Gallifrey" panel, then we brought her upstairs.

Tonight we also attended a very small tribute to the 30th anniversary of Raiders of the Lost Ark, another panel on Arthurian themes in Doctor Who, and finally "The Best British Shows You Didn't Know You Didn't Know." They said they wanted to not talk about as many radio shows as they did last year, but it seems you can't talk about British shows without talking about radio. We suggested Garrow's Law, which we'd just gotten from Netflix, and, surprisingly, no one had heard of it.

Went back to our room then planning to go back down in a bit, but by then it was 11:30 and we decided we were pooped instead. The fids loved the extra attention.

Excuse typos—written on my Droid via Blogaway 'cause the hotel wifi is fried. Comcast...of course.

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