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» Saturday, May 21, 2011
Lacking Edge
Sure didn't welcome the alarm this morning, but sort of woke up by the time we got to the Farmer's Market. It was reasonably cool at that point, but the sky was already in summer mode, smoggy around the edges and a pale insipid blue at the zenith. There's nothing quite like a winter sky.

Instead of pot pie this week we bought a delicious 2-person meat lasagna, some corn on the cob, cookies for Willow and dessert cookies for us, more bacon and some country sausage, two Portuguese rolls, and fresh strawberries—what a heavenly scent. And Bernhard's had apple turnovers again!

We heard that there is such a long waiting list for the Farmer's Market that there will be one on Sunday's, too, with different vendors. I think I heard this one is later, after church, since there are so many churches in downtown Marietta.

We came home by the bakery, which netted us dessert for two other nights, then James and I parted company. He was going to meet Clay and a friend in Conyers at a sale that Museum Replicas does each year. They sell swords and other period items. I gathered all my coupons together and went to JoAnn, Michaels, and then finally wound through "the back" (Barrett Parkway becomes Piedmont Road, which becomes East Piedmont; I stopped at Wild Birds Unlimited to get a new squirrel-proof bird feeder, then backtracked through Sewell Mill Road and Bishop's Lake Road, which brought me to Borders without having to go through that hideous intersection at Johnson Ferry and Roswell).

Borders popped up with an absolute surprise yesterday, a 50 percent off coupon, so I decided to pick up the first part of the authorized Robert Heinlein biography. Came home having eaten nothing but that exquisitely flaky apple turnover, so made myself a peanut butter and wine jelly sandwich with the soft, lovely "bun" I bought at the Farmer's Market and checked e-mail, then went on reading The Mistaken Wife.

A bit later I popped on one of the 1940s Basil Rathbone Sherlock Holmes movies that were on Netflix streaming. I haven't seen any of these (and I didn't see many; neither Mom nor Dad liked British mysteries) since I was a kid. These updated Holmes and Watson to Nazi-threatened England, and in Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Weapon, the code from "The Dancing Men" came into play, but the rest was a typical World War II B-movie about the Germans trying to get their hands on a revolutionary new bombsight. Moriarty wasn't even that menacing. Rathbone did do a good Holmes, though, even if Nigel Bruce was avuncularly clueless as Watson.

When James got home we debated going out, but ended up eating out of the freezer: I had a Lean Cuisine and he ate the tiny steak-and-kidney pie and the beef pastie he bought several weeks ago at the British store. He let me taste the latter; it was quite good. Anyway, he came home with a short sword and a knife. I suppose I should be glad there wasn't a saber he liked. :-)

So we ended up lolling about all evening, watching Ice Pilots and the newest Doctor Who until he had to wander off to bed because he's working tomorrow. Very tiny chat tonight, just Rodney, Emma and I...

My gosh, look at the time, and there are still kids playing outside at the trailer park behind us! My mom would have had a cow about me staying up this late.

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