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» Sunday, May 15, 2011
It's So Exciting...
It's been such an exciting weekend, it's hard to write about it!

Yes, I'm being funny. :-)

Here's what happened this weekend. See if you can stand the excitement.

Farmer's Market, Saturday morning: Bernhard's finally had apple turnovers this morning. I looked heavenward and said "Thank you, God!" The guy at the booth said it was the best reaction he had all morning. :-) We also bought veggies and boiled peanuts, plus a turkey pot pie.

This was followed by Hair Day. James made Tabouli from couscous, with fresh diced tomato and cucumber and olive oil in it, last night, letting it set in the refrigerator. By today the flavors had deepened and it went nicely with the shrimp Ben and T brought. The carmelized onion dip I bought was also successful, eaten with Trader Joe's baked chips.

James dropped me at home and went to his IPMS meeting. I finished The Alchemy of Murder (mystery featuring reporter "Nellie Bly") and washed the floor in the master bath. By the time James came home, neither of us had anywhere we wanted to go. So we had some soup and read and relaxed for the rest of the evening. I started The Wilder Life and later got on chat, while James went down to the Man Cave.

This morning we traipsed up to BJs in Woodstock. We had several coupons for items we needed (omeprazole) or could stock up on (Swiffer sweepers). On the way in the store we saw a little chipmunk scampering near the entrance. When he saw people coming toward him he ran inside! Poor little thing! He'll be all alone and frightened, and they'll probably hunt him down like a mouse or he'll starve.

One of the things we found were three solar-powered LED lights that can be mounted anywhere. Sadly, the light string we put outside to light the backyard and the gate quit working. We hope this will be a replacement at least at the gate. According to the description, they charge in sun or shade; today should give them a good workout. James mounted one as soon as we got home, then we sat down to read the paper and watch This Old House.

Ironically, since it never got over 62°F today, with a brisk breeze and mostly overcast skies, we had our first "summer supper" of the season: chicken breast strips in mixed greens, mandarin oranges, chow mein noodles, and slivered almonds. Yum!

Now watching the season finale of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, with the most adorable little boy who has brittle bone disease and an infectious sense of humor.

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