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» Sunday, May 01, 2011
A British Sunday
We'd bought a box of scone mix at the British store on the Square and had that for breakfast this morning, with clotted cream and jam for the scones, a last "celebration" for "Wills and Kate," while watching royal wedding specials on BBC America. The scones were unremarkable, probably because the mix came out so thin that James had to add flour to it to be able to roll it out as the box instructions indicated! So they basically tasted like his biscuits with sugar. But it was yummy just the same.

About noon we headed out to Kroger by way of Walmart. We wanted to continue to stock up our "bug-out bags" (backpacks we bought on discount when the Parkway Pointe Borders was closing). We want these to have spare clothing, toiletries, medical supplies, etc. in case of some emergency where we have to leave the house. The recent tornadoes in Alabama have, sadly, spurred this project on.

We never did get to Kroger, as we found there was nothing we needed there, except for gasoline, that we couldn't get in Walmart. I also bought some supplies to keep at work, as I am going to be giving up my purse. They are taking away my desktop computer and leaving me only with my work laptop, which I will have to take back and forth. I simply can't carry both that and the purse up the stairs (along with my lunchbag and my folder holding my work). Instead I'll have a little desk organizer that will keep ibuprofin, Pepto-Bismol, and other things I need at my desk.

(The purse needs to be retired anyway; the main compartment zipper has never worked, and the lining is all torn. It's been a good friend, but its days are at an end.)

We came home by Kroger so James could get gasoline, then came home to put everything up. We had one more errand; I needed gasoline, too, and we picked up a paper.

We'd left BBC America on for Schuyler and came home to find them running the "highlights" program yet again. Poor Skye must think she's stuck in Groundhog Day—next thing she will be telling me she wants to be a princess and be married in Westminster Abbey. :-) I finally changed channels, to end up watching The Windsors on WPBA...really wasn't trying to British monarchy myself out, but I can't resist old newsreels, especially the ones they showed in the first part, from the Edwardian and World War I era. I love old film—I wish I could jump into it and it would come alive so I could see what it was really like.

I believe supper awaits: pot roast pot pie, a fresh tomato and cucumber salad, and farm-fresh strawberries on strawberry angel food cake for dessert. Yum!

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