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» Sunday, April 24, 2011
Too Much Egg-Citement
Well, we shut off the alarms and tried to sleep late, but Willow started barking about nine o'clock and James got up to take her out.

We had absolutely no plans. James made buckwheat pancakes for breakfast. I put on the Addie Mills story The Easter Promise, then Easter Unwrapped. Then we had to run to Kroger to do the weekly shopping.

After we had the groceries finished, I sat down to watch Here Comes Peter Cottontail. About ten minutes into it, I saw Willow lie down on her bed, looking a bit ill. We had offered her a treat and she didn't want to take it. So I went down to sit next to her and pet her...and she threw up. (Not on me, thank God.)

She threw up again three other times, once on the stairs and twice in the dining room. So we made her rest for a while and are now keeping an eye on her. We're not going to feed her until tomorrow and then see how she feels. She was hungry again by suppertime, so perhaps it's just an upset tummy. But it was pretty yucky to have to clean up, and now there are big patches on the carpet that are wet with little dots of paper towel on them to remind us not to step on it until it's dry.

We bought a very small bit of uncured ham (four pounds) at Trader Joe's yesterday. James marinated it in pineapple juice, pineapple bits, a little mustard and brown sugar, and it came out exquisitely. We had it with potatoes, with a little cup of Edy's slow-churned ice cream as a chaser. Yum.

Been dubbing off things all afternoon: Nova's "How Smart are Animals," and also And Man Created Dog. Then watched R5Sons Alaska and a Drew Carey's Improv-a-Ganza. The latter runs hot and cold; some of them have been very funny, others have been deadly. Now watching an old favorite: The Dream is Alive, which shows regularly on Documentary Channel.

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