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» Monday, April 25, 2011
Togetherness honor of the royal wedding we took Easter Monday off.

:-) Actually, James got today off for working Saturday. I just took today off so we'd have a two-day weekend together. We slept in, had breakfast, then went to Walmart by way of the library, where we dropped off a photocopy paper box full of books we didn't want. James likes the Jimmy Dean breakfast sandwiches, but only Walmart carries the ones where the meat is turkey (he dislikes the turkey-based egg-white only ones, which the other stores do have). We also picked up a few other things, including the one-disk Blu-Ray of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (part one), and my favorite Lean Cuisine dinner, the bow-tie pasta, which no one seems to carry but Wally World. We also went to Bed, Bath & Beyond with some coupons. James needed a new grill brush and we picked up a couple of other things.

Finally, we headed back to downtown Marietta. James wanted to go into the British store on the square; we always seem to miss when it's open otherwise. We had stopped earlier, but there were no parking spaces as it was lunchtime. James decided to try a steak and kidney pie (although I know it won't taste like one made by Henry Crabbe...LOL) and also got a pastie, and we also bought some scone mix and clotted cream for a Sunday breakfast one week. We were in line behind a woman who was having friends over to watch the wedding on Friday and was picking up traditional British treats.

We stopped at the little ice cream shop, Sweetreats, a couple of doors down, and had a cup of their ice cream. It is like Cold Stone Creamery where you pick out a basic flavor (they have chocolate and vanilla) and then they add things to it. We just had dark chocolate chips. This was delicious, but the adult portion is very large. I will definitely get a kid's portion if we every go again.

It started to spritz, then rain on the way home, and we heard at least two claps of thunder. But it didn't last long. As we walked into the house, we were met by a heavenly odor. This morning James put the sale pork loin we found at Kroger in the crock pot and cooked it according to this recipe we found on Elaine Normandy's blog. Thanks, Elaine. This is outstanding.

We cooked a four-pound roast about six hours. It was on high for the first hour, at least, I think. The last step in the process forms a crusty glaze over the roast, which makes it look more photogenic, but if you are saving calories, I think this step can be skipped. You could also use the Splenda brown sugar to cut a few more calories. It was sooooo the time we got it out of the crock pot you could flake it off with a fork. Thicken the remaining juice with a little cornstarch and you have a nice little sauce. We also have enough for two more meals.

Anyway, Willow appears to be feeling better. This morning, James took note of anything wrong when he took her out, and I fed her plain oatmeal, most of which she didn't eat. Tonight James warmed up the remainder of the oatmeal with a tiny bit of pure, cooked meat juice and placed about a quarter cup of her regular food in it. I think she inhaled it she was so hungry.

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