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» Saturday, April 16, 2011
Saturday Happenings
That's a misnomer. Nothing really has happened of earthshaking proportions, unless you count not being about to sleep well this morning. We got in our reservations too late to get a downstairs room. The upstairs rooms have lofts for extra people, and skylights. By seven o'clock it was really, really bright.

So we were up before nine, having gone to bed at two, and a bit shell shocked. We had breakfast at the lodge with Jerry and Charles and his mom, which was fun.

We didn't have any plans for the afternoon, which was a good thing, becaus we basically spent the time in the common area of the lodge building talking to everyone. Ron and Lin were showing Shari the latest video that Neil had done for film school, and from there we started pulling up all sorts of funny things from YouTube: "Men's Brains vs. Women's Brains" with Mark Gungor, College Humor's "Font Conference," Jeannie Robertson talking about sending her husband shopping, etc.

So we ended up really only going out for a couple of hours. We went to the reopened Mt. Yonah used book store, which is in an old railroad depot near a bit of leftover railroad track with an old tank engine on it. The new folks are very nice, and have a sweet grey-and-white cat named Daisy. I found a book about old New England memories and also a Holmes pastiche. James got a couple of aviation books, and we found a book about becoming a private pilot for Aaron, who has become interested in doing so, and has even had a few flying lessons (he's 12).

We also stopped at the trading post, which has a lot of bear-oriented gifts and local books, but I also found a book about local children's show hosts, alà the recent Pioneers of Television segments.

Now we are back at the lodge, chatting with friends again.

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