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» Tuesday, April 12, 2011
A Pain in the Neck Nose
The last two days have been rather painful. The pollen is making my old nose injury hurt; it's not just an irritation, but a sharp pain whenever I have the pressure of my glasses on my nose. When it gets bad enough it creeps into my right temple and makes my teeth hurt. When I come home I can place a gauze pad between the nosepieces and my nose, and that really helps the problem, but in the meantime I just have to endure it. Will be glad when pollen season is over.

Yesterday something welcome arrived in the mail: two 10-ounce containers of vegetable flakes! We used to buy vegetable flakes all the time off the spice racks at the outlet kitchen stores (Corning Revere Outlet and Kitchen Collection), then they vanished. We liked to add them to soups and other foods in order to add a little crunch and veggie goodness. For years I've been intending to search some out online, and I finally ordered the two bottles from James' eyes lit up when he saw the catalog that came with them; these folks (Harmony House) also sell individual containers of dried veggie flakes, plus chunk and regular TVP.

Oy. And the grass is finally long enough that we need to have it cut. They're coming on Thursday.

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