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» Saturday, April 23, 2011
From One Night to Another
Had to enjoy James last night as he had to work today. So we had supper at Ken's Hometown Grill (pork chops! tomatoes!) and then drove out to East Cobb. Yes, to go to Borders. James was looking for the new Eric Flint book and I was stalking the wild April British "Country Living" (and scored by also finding the new "Yankee" and the new "Early American Life"). Found A Lion Called Christian on the remainder table and bought the newest "Sisters Grimm."

We also stopped at Trader Joe's to stock up on goodies and a ham for Easter. Found something for dessert called a "Rockin' Chocolate Chip Chocolate Cake." Wow. Tastes like a brownie. Really, really dense and chocolaty.

So James went off to work this morning and I groggily slapped the alarm when it rang and went back to sleep. Haven't slept late since the Farmer's Market started and it was no fun going alone.

Ended up not going out at all (well, except to take Willow out and then rinse the damn pine pollen off the front porch, which means I came in drenched because the connection between the hose nozzle and the hose is leaking like a Super Soaker), but dubbed off Walt: the Man Behind the Myth. Looks like CNBC chopped a good half hour out of it. You'd think the cheapskates would have scheduled it in a two-and-a-half-hour timeslot so we could see most of it, but nooooooo. Also copied off Cloud's Legacy before James got home, tidied the kitchen a bit, vacuumed (again), and finished reading Inside the Apple.

When James got home, we took Willow with us to pick up Chinese (a.k.a. Real Fried Riceā€”hi, Ivan!), and then had supper to HGTV until Doctor Who, Rewind came on. This was a recap of last season with commentary. And then...tada...

Convoluted in the usual Moffat style. Cool Edsel. Really creepy alien. Someone, thank God, playing Richard Nixon straight. Alex Kingston, as always, looking as if she's having a hell of a time. And Amy's interesting secret. (Er...someone look at Amy's cellphone, okay?)

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