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» Saturday, April 09, 2011
Evening On
James came home from his meeting and we went out to the Avenue at West Cobb. If we don't go to a bookstore once a week we get withdrawal symptoms. LOL. So we went to Barnes & Noble. I found a couple of books on the remainder table, and one to put away as a gift, and also bought the latest "BBC History Magazine." Saw a new young adult series authorized by the Doyle estate, Sherlock Holmes solving mysteries as a teen.

We needed to go to Kroger, so we stopped at the one across the street from the Avenue. Boy, was that a mistake. Very badly laid out Kroger, frozen food broken up into sections aisles away from each other, no aisle index for aluminum foil, hardly any bread in the bakery. Yuck. Not going back there again.

Stopped for dessert before dinner (Baskin-Robbins), and came home through Cheatham Hill Road and the edge of the park, a pretty ride in the spring. When we got home there was a request for the "light chicken cacciatore" recipe in e-mail. I guess it was a hit. :-)

Ended up watching a new It's Me or the Dog tonight, followed by Cats 101. Oh, gosh, the kittens...

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