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» Saturday, April 30, 2011
The Eternal Sunshine of the Cloudless Sky
We actually went to bed early last night, after I played James the "Readers' Digest condensed version" of the wedding, skipping the talking heads and concentrating on the scenery (well, and those hats, too—I felt like Curtis in the eponymous comic strip viewing the church ladies in their flamboyant hats). So many beautiful shots of London and the beautiful historical items in the Abbey, like the medieval mosaic flooring!

So we were up early to go the farmer's market. It went down to the high 50s last night, so it was very nice walking about, the temps around 60, even if there wasn't a cloud in the sky and the sun was like a brassy disk. We'd filled up our Paul's Pot Pie card, so we got a free pot pie, more veg, some chicken salad, and breakfast before leaving.

We've discovered how to handle the Smyrna Jonquil Festivals: we go to them early. So from Marietta Square we meandered down Atlanta Road, stopping at the bakery to pick up some dessert, and arrived at the Jonquil Festival early enough to get a parking space behind the library.

We began walking around and almost immediately discovered a booth selling homemade jellies. They had two that were very unusual, garlic, and balsamic vinegar with onions. James liked both of them, but we had enough money left just for one. And then we found a booth with some hair fasteners...

So we walked down to James' bank, which was only a quarter of a mile down the road, then came back, hugging the shade as much as possible. It wasn't really that warm—unless you were walking in the sun, so we were very glad to get back in the shade, especially of the buildings where it was lusciously cool. (Have I mentioned lately that I love my new hat?)

So we bought the garlic jelly as well (the folks who make it have suggested recipes, and James is already plotting a pork roast, or some steak on the grill finished with the balsamic vinegar and onion) and more "normal" cherry-flavor, too, and the hair fastener, and also some fresh Vidalia onions. Looked through the books and got a library bumper sticker, petted a very shy Australian Shepherd at the AS Rescue booth, and had an early lunch, having been seduced by the Williamson Barbecue side of the force: nice, moist hunks of barbecue pork on a bun. Sadly, the lemonade we shared was Country Time, but you can't have it all. :-)

We brought the food home and put it away, then went to the hobby shop. I finished Atlantic and played a couple of games of Jewellust Christmas edition while the guys shot the bull. Then, since we were halfway there anyway, we went to Borders. I got Affinity Bridge with my coupon and a couple of books from the clearance boxes, an A.J. Jacobs book and a story about Queen Victoria as a princess. Also found something for James' mom.

By this time it was around four and after our early lunch, hunger came calling. So we headed home, both a little bit worse for wear after being out in the sun. (James takes medication that makes him sun sensitive, and I've been sensitive since the radioactive iodine treatments. Not to mention that the warm weather makes my fingers swell. Very uncomfortable.) So we drove home, had dinner, watched Color Confidential and Drew Carey, until it was time for Doctor Who. All these time-streams are making my eyes cross.

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