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» Sunday, April 03, 2011
Early Morning, Late Night
So we had supper at Pasta Bella for Ken's birthday; over a dozen folks around the table and "a good time was had by all." James filled up so much on soup and some appetizers that he brought nearly his whole dinner home, and I was served two enormous pork chops in marsala sauce, ate one and have the other for a lunch, with angel-hair pasta for a side. The portions here are enormous—we saw a slice of cake go by that was so big it looked like a prop!

Ken's brother-in-law Jesse had his new toy with him, a color Nook. The neat thing about it was that he had some sort of programmed SD card in it, which launched an Android platform, so he could use it as a tablet, too. Hmmnnnnn...

Came home, drove the dog nuts with the scent of leftovers. Soon it was time for chat, James finally decamped downstairs to the "man cave" and I found a cool documentary about Edward VII. There was a lovely photograph of him; I guess it must have been hand-colored, but it didn't look it and was quite natural.

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