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» Friday, April 29, 2011
All Flags Flying!
Been up since five watching the Royal Wedding!

Oh, I know the killjoys have been out there making raspberries. Don't care. Miss all the historical pageantry? The sights: Buckingham Palace, the Victoria monument, Westminster Abbey, Whitehall, Big Ben in the distance? Not me! (And all in HD? Miss it? Are you mad?) I watched Charles and Diana's wedding as well.

I came in as the foreign royals were arriving, followed by the family members. Westminster Abbey looked even more lovely with the trees that had been brought in, like the processional walked down a long avenue. Prince William wore a scarlet Irish Guards uniform, with big shamrocks on the high collar. Kate Middleton had a very nice wedding dress, lace at the collar and sleeves, not overdone, and a simple veil. Prince Harry was in a Household Cavalry uniform. Queen Elizabeth was in primrose yellow. And of course all the ladies were in hats, some extraordinarily round! A young lady behind the Queen had a very unusual hat, like a big bow standing up vertically from her brow!

The recessional was to a Sir William Walton piece (which I recognized immediately from numerous viewings of Battle of Britain...LOL), "Crown Imperial," with trumpets and everything. (I loved the occasional shots from the ceiling of the abbey!)

William and Kate rode back to the palace in a landau originally built for Edward VII's coronation. As they made their way back to big cheers, the sun came out!