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» Friday, April 15, 2011
About and Away
So here we are sitting in a little hole-in-the-wall grill in Helen, waiting for our lunch to be finished. It's getting steadily more overcast this afternoon, and the weather map of Alabama is bright with reds and greens which are all coming our way. What fun.

Willow and Schuyler are safe at "camp," which unfortunately means each of them gets a checkup and at least one injection (Skye gets a polyoma shot). Willow gets her 3-year booster this year, which means our tax refund is just about shot. :-)  The vet also has to check a lump at the back of her neck.

She was such a good dog at the vet; usually she pulls backward all the way to her kennel, but this time she trotted most of the way there. Skye looked puzzled when the tech came to take her cage and her bag, but she's a game little bird. I told them if she gets sad to play her the theme to Doctor Who. It works every time.

More later...need to finish grilled cheese.

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