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» Friday, March 04, 2011
What's Grey and Grey and Grey All Over?
Today. :-)

I made sure I did not oversleep this morning, as I had a couple of things I wanted to do. After a row of days where the temps were in the 60s, today was a nice surprise: only in the high 40s and cloudy. There's supposedly a whopper of a rainstorm on the way. They said it was supposed to go up in the low 50s, but the temperature never budged from 47°F from the time I left to the time I got home.

After breakfast I headed for the book sale, most of the particulars which are told here. So many people were there I had to really hunt around for a parking place; I even went down to the opposite side of Jim Miller Park, but they didn't have the gates open.

From the book sale I headed up to the Barnes & Noble at Bells Ferry, which still has the best magazine selection in the area. I bought "Just Cross Stitch" and Stony Creek's magazine, which both had some nice band samplers, and also found the new "Early American Life." I did not find the new "Yankee," so after wandering about in the stacks and then checking the DVDs at CD Warehouse three doors down, took the shortcut to East Cobb through Piedmont Road and Sewell Mill. Stopped at Michael's to get some poster tape (I started my last roll while re-hanging the Lassie poster last week) and found a very nice something to put away as a gift and some artificial butterflies to brighten up the spring/summer wreath.

At Borders I did find the new "Yankee," plus the new "Country Sampler Home Tour Edition." Now, I only usually buy "Victorian Homes" at Christmas, but I had to pick up the newest issue because they featured a "steampunk" home. I laughed aloud when I saw the cover, since it's the last thing I thought VH would have a story about!

Anyway, I was able to pick up the new-in-paperback Harry Dresden book, Changes, and with a silent whoop of delight found another gift, a book I had read that would perfectly suit a friend whose birthday comes up soon.

I also stopped briefly at Bed, Bath and Beyond to check on something else, and found two brand new 8x10 picture frames for 99¢ each! They were apparently part of a set which had gotten broken up. Very nice, plain black frames.

My last stop was Trader Joe's for more chicken salad and oyster crackers; also bought cereal and dark-chocolate coated edamame and pomegranates. We tried the latter last week at Costco and they were pretty good. I suppose if I'm going to crave dark chocolate, I might as well have it with something that's nourishing.

On the way home, I listened to the rest of a "This Week in Tech" I started yesterday. The guys were talking about how all the applications now are for telephones and tablets; you hardly hear about desktop computers or even laptops anymore.

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