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» Sunday, March 13, 2011
Warm March Sunday
Sunny and 70s...I am so not ready for this. My fingers are already swollen from the heat.

We were up early to take advantage of twofers at Sweet Tomatoes. They had some new things on their breakfast menu, so they advertised. I just had the oatmeal, a waffle, a slice of French toast (made with French bread, a plus), some GrapeNuts, and some cinnamon apples. I tried a bite of the new doughnut muffins, but they were just too sweet for me, but then I find much restaurant breakfast foods too sweet. I wish they'd had more sliced fruit, like cantaloupe and strawberries, too.

From there we went to Costco, looking for BreatheRights and juice for James. We'd also planned to buy the rest of Pie in the Sky, but Costco at Kennesaw didn't have them. We did, however, find the second set of Tale Spin and also the short-lived series Quark. I also found the book upon which the movie The King's Speech was based!

Came home through Kennesaw Battlefield Park, where it was obviously a great day for those who love the sun! We still wanted our Pie, so we dropped off the juice and other things, picked up something I needed to return, and drove to the Costco at Cumberland Mall, where we finished our errand and tried some of the numerous samples. We had steel-cut oats (yum), all three of the seafood spreads (crab, lobster, and salmon), chocolate covered almonds and raisins, and an anti-oxident drink that wasn't bad.

When we got home I had James take the winter boxes from the closet and took most of the decorations in the dining room down. I didn't finish, but cleared enough to put up my St. Joseph's altar; about time since St. Joseph's Day is Saturday! I was just puzzled because I could not find a couple of things: the fall-themed ceramic "Friends" plaque, the fall-themed "Peace" cross, and the little Blossom Bucket "Kiss the Cook" I bought for James. I usually put them in the china cupboard during Christmas and winter, but they were not there. I was pooped from only six hours sleep, so finally just sat down on the sofa, pulled out a pillow, and dozed off for about an hour. Just as I was falling asleep I realized where everything is: down in the laundry room in one of the Xerox paper boxes that store the regular decorations during Christmas and winter.

James grilled out for the first time this season; we found some chuck steak at Kroger yesterday which he marinated all night in herb garlic marinade. Served with julienne potatoes it was a nice supper eaten along to various house-selling series on HGTV. At seven I put on our offering from Netflix, Red, which is an action-comedy starring Bruce Willis as a retired CIA "black ops" agent who gets put on a hit list and goes to some old friends for assistance, including Helen Mirren as an aristocratic homebody specializing in "wet work" (assassinations), Morgan Freeman as an unflappable cancer victim, and John Malkovitch (hysterical) as the paranoiac of the bunch. Karl Urban was also good as a CIA agent trying to stop them all. It was absurd, but fun.

We also used the Netflix online feature to watch an episode of Shaun the Sheep. Shaun was first introduced in the "Wallace and Gromit" short "A Close Shave," but now stars in an Aardman Animation series of his own. I love these! Like the "Owly" comics, there is no dialog, but with the story perfectly shown via action and sound effects. In this particular episode, a goat terrorized the barnyard, four baby chicks imprinted on Shaun, and the farmer got sick and lazy Bitzer the sheepdog got the sheep to do all the farm work.

And now it's almost bedtime and time to sign off...ta.

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