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» Saturday, March 19, 2011
Too Hot on Saturday
But at least it was cool enough to sleep until Willow barked to be let out.

Had a leisurely breakfast and then set out to the hobby shop by way of the library and Sam's Club. The library visit was a bit of a bust in one way—I wanted access to the NetLibrary referenced on the library web site to read e-books; it was just a matter of signing up, but it turns out the books can't be downloaded, just read on the web—but I did find a book called Mother Was a Gunner's Mate (Jen, you might get a kick out of this book!), written by a woman who served as a WAVE in World War II. I've already started it, and it has a breezy, nice style.

We stopped at Sam's with the simple purpose of looking to see what they had in groceries and what they didn't. We walked in and out of each of the aisles, noting what kind of vegetables, fruit, cereals, etc., that they stocked. Came out with toilet paper, mandarin oranges, and other products, plus the BluRay of the Back to the Future trilogy. It should look spiffing.

Hadn't time to do my Mass readings on Thursday and Friday, so read three of them in the meeting room while James wandered the hobby shop and schmoozed with the guys. There was a Second Reading for St. Joseph's Day today. I'm also reading a great book called The Vertigo Years, addressing Europe between 1900-1914.

By the time we finished, it was almost 3:00 and we hadn't had lunch. After a stop at Bernhard's to pick up something for dessert, we went to Longhorn and had lunch. I figure we really should start having our big meal for lunch on weekends. We each had a Renegade and brought half home for lunches, then walked around Hobby Lobby for a post-prandial stroll, since it's 81°F outside with a miserable, blazing sun, and no weather for walking. I found one of the pretty "Daydreams" kits of a bird, and used a coupon for it. This is a pretty cross-stitch kit that comes with a pre-printed frame and a glass cover, and you only cross-stitch the bit in the center. Here's the kit.

Now we are home and listening to BBC Radio 7: the first part of their Professor Challenger radio adaptations, with Bill Paterson as the irascible Challenger, a Doctor in the House, and the rest of Paul Temple and the Jonathan Mystery.

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