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» Sunday, March 27, 2011
Sunday Under the Clouds
The rain had vanished by the time we woke up, but the day was still overcast from one end to the other. When we drove out toward Town Center, we couldn't even see Kennesaw Mountain; a silver mist draped it as well as the sky.

After breakfast James wanted to go to REI, to get two more bottles for his lunchbox, one for tea and the second for juice. While we were there we both bought hats: James got an Aussie hat in khaki and I got a new straw hat. (My other big-brimmed hat is fine, but it's actually made of paper that looks like straw, so it's useless in the rain.) Then we cut through the back and went to Merchant's Walk. I wanted to stop at Fuzzywig's for more watermelon Jolly Ranchers and go to Trader Joe's for chicken salad and chicken sausage.

Alas, someone had gotten to the Jolly Ranchers before me. All that was left were apple, grape, and (ugh!) raspberry. We did walk over to Border's since there was a 40 percent off coupon this week. I got the third book in the "Mistress in the Art of Death" series and found the companion book to Meerkat Manor for only $4. Then did some shopping at Trader Joe's and got the usual groceries at Kroger, and headed home.

We spent the afternoon and evening watching Back to the Future, parts two and three, and all of the extras on two; there just wasn't time to finish the goodies on three. Number two is very inventive, but I don't watch it much because it's so dark. I'd forgotten quite how frightening Biff is in the second film. He's a bully in the first movie, and a dangerous idiot in the third, but he's downright creepy in the second film, especially when he's abusing Lorraine and Marty.

(We did watch the Back to the Future ride sequence. Yow! I can't believe it's nearly nineteen years since we've seen this! We rode it Labor Day weekend of 1992, when we were down in Orlando for Magicon, the 50th World Science Fiction Convention.)

In between films we had one of the London broils we got two for one at Food Lion last week. James crock-potted it in brown gravy and a little bit of teriyaki, and we had it with a cucumber salad. Quite delicious, and there is enough left over for another meal.

Arrrgh! It's going to rain tomorrow!

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