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» Sunday, March 20, 2011
The Search for Soup (And Other Sunday Tales)
Grocery-shopping day!

Okay, that makes it look a lot more enthusiastic than we felt. LOL. But it was a nice day to do it, cloudy, only in the 60s, with a wonderful breeze. We had to go to Kroger because James needed prescriptions, so we got the staples we needed. I was feeling out of sorts at this point: despite turning on the air conditioner last night, my eyes itched, watered, and felt like I had sand in them, plus my stomach was giving me fits (which was strange because the most "irritating" thing I'd eaten yesterday was a salad with basalmic vinegar dressing). So it wasn't a pleasant shopping experience. On the way home I took something for it and gradually began to feel a bit better.

We had the groceries home and put away, but I still needed to get gasoline. I'd just had oatmeal and milk for breakfast, so I picked out a Campbell's "Soup in Hand," the vegetable with mini noodles, and had that as we went out again. Now we have been wanting to get more of the "Soup at Hand" flavors, but both Kroger and Publix seemed to have the same three or four kinds, chicken and stars, chicken with noodles, and tomato soup (occasionally creamy tomato). So we went to Walmart, which had a couple of extra flavors (creamy chicken and the creamy tomato), but not what we wanted. We did pick up a few things, like shoelaces and some vegetables that we had forgotten at Kroger, then went to get the gasoline.

On the way home we stopped at Food Lion, and they did have a bigger variety of flavors, including the one James was looking for, vegetable beef. We also got more of the vegetable with small noodles. Unfortunately it looks like they quit making the "Soup at Hand" version of the Italian wedding soup. (They have a larger variety of several types of products at Food Lion; we must keep this in mind.)

We stopped at CVS, but I never did find the other thing I was looking for, the new "Entertainment Weekly" with Nathan Fillion. Who knew it would be so hard to find an EW? We looked at Kroger, Walmart, QuikTrip, Food Lion and CVS!

Then home to read the paper, and I put the BluRay of Back to the Future on. We didn't even have to get to the movie; I looked at the quality of the images in the menu and my jaw dropped—wow! The sound was equally good. I'm not sure the quality was that good in the theatre in Warner Robins when it was released.

We'd picked up some thick pork chops on discount at Kroger and had marinated them all afternoon in herb and garlic marinade. At six James grilled them and we had them with a cucumber salad. Had enough left over for a sandwich for tomorrow, too! After supper we watched all the extras on the disk, which including new features done for the BluRay release and old features done for the original trilogy release, the latter which included a bit from an NBC special which appeared in the commercial breaks of a broadcast that was on television just before the second part came out.

(Golly, I can't believe they wasted three DVDs just on digital copies...)

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