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» Saturday, March 26, 2011
Rainy Saturday in Georgia
At least it has washed the pine pollen out of the air. Oh, what a mess! When it had rained an hour or two there were yellow-outlined puddles in the driveway, yellow streaks on the vehicles, yellow outlines filling in the grooves of the sidewalks, yellow stains on fences and brickwork, yellow splashed on your shoes and pants. It pretty much rained all day.

Unfortunately, it came on quickly enough so that I didn't have time to refill the bird feeders.

We went out about noon to the hobby shop, then went across town to the "Meet and Greet" hosted by the Brittrack folks from Dragoncon, Rob Bowen and Caro McCully. (Rob looks so great—he cut out junk food and fast food and lost forty pounds.) There were about a dozen of us in a snug at the back of The Marlay House, an Irish pub in Decatur, and we had a lot of fun gabbing for three and a half hours. I had a lamb stew that was quite delectable: big pieces of lamb, red potatoes, pearl onions, and barley in a nice gravy, with an oatcake [I think] on the side, and James had shepherd's pie.

On the way home we stopped at the midtown Borders. Well, it's better than Austell was, about the size of East Cobb, with a magazine stand about the same (a few more types, but, alas, no "Best of British"). The shelves are still higher than a tall man's head, which is always a good sign. :-) You should have seen all the people in there using the wifi in the cafè. Was anyone buying books? (Okay, I did. I bought The Happiness Project.)

We missed Georgia Monsoon Season while we were in the bookstore, and were able to make our way home through lighter rain. There was a brief glimmer of sunshine from the west, then the clouds closed in again.

We spent the evening at home, listening to the pounding of the rain on the chimney and the rumble of the thunder. After supper (leftover pork fried rice) and James called his Mom to wish her a happy birthday, I put on 7 Faces of Dr. Lao. Have loved this film from the first time I saw it on network television. Tony Randall has such fun with all the multiple roles, and he's quite sobering as Apollonius. The scene with Barbara Eden and Pan was quite sensuous for the era! When that was over I put on a couple of episodes of the old Addams Family television series via streaming Netflix. They are still so hilarious after all these years! Loved John Astin's wild-eyed look!

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