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» Saturday, March 05, 2011
Party Down!
We had a busy day today.

Our first stop was Costco, just as it opened, and, boy, we ought to go to Costco this early all the time. We got gasoline and got our things all in a half hour.

We'd ordinarily do this on Sunday, but we were picking up honey barbecue chicken wings for the big reception Juanita was having for her mother, since Juanita doesn't have a Costco membership. We also got milk and bought the first two seasons of Pie in the Sky because we've enjoyed them so much, but the main reason for the Saturday trip was the wings.

Juanita's mom turned eighty a few days ago. Last year we weren't even sure she would live. She had a massive stroke, one so bad she could only communicate by blinking at first. And now she is walking with a walker and is talking again, hesitantly, but she talks, a huge milestone from last year, so this was an especially heartfelt party. Juanita's brother and sister were all there, and nieces and nephews, and us and a bunch of her other friends who know her mother, and we had a nice party this afternoon at the Hollydale Methodist Church Hall. We helped bring the food and things we were providing—cookie sheets to warm up the wings, foil and Pam for the cookie sheets, our crock pot, and the gravy James made last night for the Swedish meatballs—over to the hall, and then cut out for a few hours. Since it was payday I stocked up on omeprazole at Sam's and got some huge California navel oranges, and we visited the hobby shop for a few minutes, then went back to the hall to warm up the chicken wings. Anyway, it was a bright spot in a very grey day, an even drizzlier grey day than yesterday.

(I found a whole set of "The Bible Story" in the church, that brings back memories. The first volume was in every single doctor's office when I was a kid; I think the publisher gave them away for free. It made the Bible story very understandable, told in an avuncular way. They also had a bunch of "Happy Hollisters" books!)

We got home about 5:30, and after all the nice chicken and things just had cereal and oranges for dinner, and watched Law & Order: UK and a new episode of Colour Confidential—I didn't realize there were new ones made recently. Great show to watch!

(Also discovered there's a Bryant and May website. That's posted about in Cozy Nook. I just finished #4. Love these books!)

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