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» Sunday, March 06, 2011
Cold Snap
It continued to rain and drizzle during the night, and was cool and grey when we woke this morning, nicely cocooned in blankets. I love cocooning weather! After breakfast, we went to Walmart; alas, their yogurt has gone up in price, and they didn't have a full two weeks' supply either. So I got a cinnamon roll, which I suspect will be too sweet, since all of these are; a blueberry, because of all the fruit-flavored ones the blueberry is usually the least sickly sweet; and a plain vanilla which I plan to spike with coffee syrup.

But I did find a gift to put away for someone, so that was a plus for the WallyWorld trip.

It was barely noon when we came home, so I wondered if James wanted to go to the Container Store in Buckhead. I was looking for two things, what they call "spice shelves," little triple risers, to consolidate some things on the kitchen counter, and a magnetic cup to fasten to the file cabinet in my craft room. I have one, but my paint pens have overrunneth it. He wanted to get a couple of small things, too, so we trucked out there via West Paces Ferry Road. It was an odd day, had all the atmosphere of a late November day, several kinds of trees with dried-out leaves upon them (the American oaks do this, and another type of tree which I don't know—they have leaves as a child draws them, which turn a pale brown, almost a faded matte copper), and piles of leaves still upon the ground, but trees blooming everywhere and daffodils popping up here and there.

The Container Store is like a giant trap. :-) I found the spice shelves there, and a wire cup, and also got more wire clothespins, which are great for keeping bags shut, some vertical holders, and another long-handled dishpan and brush set for downstairs.

We went to Borders afterwards to have a cocoa trio and peruse the books. Evidently everyone else had the same idea; there was not a free table in the cafè. Half of them were covered with laptops. Some folks were even sitting in chairs in front of laptops, asleep. Anyway, I found something cool: The Encyclopedia of Animated Cartoons.

We listened to "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me" on the way out and on the way home, followed by "The Splendid Table," which we continued listening to at home, followed by another episode.

James made some chicken thighs in what gravy was left over from yesterday's party in the crock pot and we had that for supper and later we watched Pie in the Sky.

(Oh, and I'm writing about Read an E-Book Week.)

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