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» Wednesday, March 23, 2011
A Breeze for A Spring Day
James got to sleep in this morning, since he was headed off for an early doctor's appointment. To help him I walked Willow; it was a morning wonderland, breezy, cool, with an after-dawn chorus of birds that had to be heard to be believed. Every male bird in the neighborhood was staking his claim! On the way out of the house I noticed a very loud song coming from above, which meant there was a bird on the chimney, his voice amplified by it. Sure enough, there he was when I looked up. Next door on the ridgepole a wren was singing his little heart out, and two doors down the other way was another bird on the ridgepole as well. From across the street came the sound of a woodpecker industriously drumming.

Worked on various things during the day, and spent lunch doing a last cruise of the Borders in Austell. I was wondering what one of the clerks was going to do with himself now that he was being laid off and he was remarkably upbeat about it, despite a customer who was being negative. He was looking at it as a chance to make a career change, plus to work on his writing.

James was let out early and arrived home with supper for tonight—yay! pork fried rice from Dragon! (yes, Ivan, no peas and carrots)—and dozed off in his chair while I finished up work and listened to Radio 7. At five I logged off and put everything away and we had dinner.

Later on, when the sun was gone from the deck, we brought the birdseed we bought upstairs and refilled the can, which I had emptied this morning. There was a delightful breeze and it was so warm out that we sat out there and I brought Schuyler's cage out. It's the first time she's ever been on the deck, believe it or not, and she was wide-eyed at the big fat bumblebees hovering overhead. A couple of birds, a house finch and a brown-headed nuthatch, felt courageous enough to visit the feeder while we were out there, but Schuyler didn't seem to twig that they were real birds. She probably just thought it was another kind of "teevee"!

Finally we came in to watch Jeopardy, and put on Monday's Hawaii Five-O (was that a real science-fiction convention?), the episode of R5Sons Alaska about Clay's airplane, and Saturday's Colour Confidential (wow, what a dining room—red walls and a brushed metal silver-grey ceiling and black/silver/white trimmings; very arresting yet not overdone).

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