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» Saturday, March 12, 2011
Afternoon Out
Went to bed a lot later than expected last night, so we slept in this morning. Hopefully it will make up for the hour we lose tomorrow! Goodness, I hate Daylight Saving Time. I hate getting up in the dark and driving to work in the dark. Light is for morning and action, dark is for evenings and relation/sleeping.

Mucked about on the computer until James left for his club meeting, then corralled all the coupons and went up to Kennesaw, stopping at Krystal first. I don't usually buy lunch out, but since I only had the oatmeal and milk, I was already hungry. Bought two plain pups (small hot dogs) and a pint of milk.

Stopped first of all to buy Schuyler more birdseed. The Petsmart was having dog adoptions today, and oh, there were so many, including three adorable schnauzer-cross puppies that were tricolored. Some of the adult dogs were also appealing, including a big brown part pit bull cross who was soooo friendly, and a little spaniel cross who reminded me of my cousin Kathy's dog Muskie so long ago.

When I came out of Petsmart swinging a big bag of seed, I looked directly ahead at where Linens'n'Things used to be and stopped, flabbergasted. They are putting a Michaels in that space, just one shopping area down from JoAnn one way, and one down from Hobby Lobby the other way. Holy cats! (I wonder if that means the Michaels is moving out from its present space closer to the mall.) Well, that ought to make it fun competition.

Stopped at JoAnn. They were having a "coupon commotion," so I stocked up on iron-on patches, bought more spare candle lamp bulbs, a new bottle of super glue, a bottle of paint for my frame project, a package of camel-hair brushes since I used my big one for the Modge-Podge, two rolls of cellophane for wrapping gifts, and the cutest little ceramic sheep.

From JoAnn went to the Kennesaw Borders that is closing. Didn't buy anything I could get with a coupon elsewhere, but Kennesaw has always had the best selection of science books, so I got John McPhee's Annals of the Former World, a geology text, plus two almanacs at half price.

Then girded my loins and filled up the car: $45 for thirteen and a quarter gallons. Yike! Had a nice breezy ride home—it's sunny and in the low 70s—although the sun gave me a headache. When I got home I sighed and got it over with: took the winter flag and wreath off the porch and put up the purple flowered spring wreath with its goldfinch and nest, butterfly, and honeybee trims, and the spring flag, which is badly faded, and the purple flower bouquet that goes on the porch table. I put the cute little sheep I bought in front of the bouquet, and that was done.

Now I have to put the rest of the winter stuff away; I really hate it because it's a puzzle box type of thing where everything must fit just right for it to all go in three plastic boxes (and one Hallmark bag). Ah, well.

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