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» Monday, February 21, 2011
Sunny and Warm...Just Another February Day
Great Backyard Birdcount 2011I'd like to say I accomplished great things on my holiday, but that would be such a lie. :-) Intended to get up earlier, but you know how that goes. I would be much happier if I could go to bed at 1 a.m. and get up at nine. I'm never sleepy at eleven. Night owls'r'us.

The temperature was already climbing out of the fifties at ten o'clock, so I decided to go out while it was still cool. I left Schuyler watching Kathie Lee and Hoda, although I'm convinced it's going to destroy her brain—do you know neither of them knew that Abraham Lincoln's birthday was February 12? I realize you don't have to be a genius to do what they do, but honestly...elementary school stuff, guys.

I put on a "Travels with Rick Steves" podcast about traveling while being respectful of local ecosystems, and went out to the Borders at East Cobb, hoping to find the new Yankee, but it's not out yet; neither is the new Early American Life. Nice to go into a Borders that isn't closing. Finished the eco-cast on the way back and started another about musical travel in Europe, a godsend waiting in line for gas at Costco, where it was 15¢ a gallon cheaper than anywhere else. At least eight cars in each lane (six lanes). Finished this at home and also listened to a "Tech Guy" podcast.

Had a can of salmon for lunch. This was less than satisfactory; smelled like tuna but was bland and fishy all at the same time. I know fish is good for you, but, God, I really hate the taste. Later on cooked turkey thighs for supper, and made a rice dish we bought at Aldi, apple walnut flavor long-grain and wild rice. This had an odd scent, but tasted fine.

We have a busy night tonight: it's Monday again. Once again we'll watch House and DVR Antiques Roadshow to watch at nine. Then Castle and Hawaii Five-O will DVR while we watch Harry's Law via broadcast television.

Nice to know that today when you miss a television program you can find it online! There was a notice on WENNlist that both Kevin O'Rourke and John Bedford Lloyd had been on an episode of Blue Bloods. So I hitched the computer to the television, found the episode on, and played it. The obligatory ads were very badly placed, but we were able to enjoy it. James and I even wondered if the Commissioner's shooting was a red herring and that Kevin O'Rourke's monsignor character was the real target. John Bedford Lloyd looked like a Marine; I knew it was him by that lovely voice, however!

Since everything was hitched up already, I played the last of the History Detectives that GPB never showed last summer.

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