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» Sunday, February 27, 2011
Sultry Sunday
After a quick breakfast, it was off to Costco this morning; it was the cheapest we could get gasoline. The lines were as long as they had been when I went, but we lazed away the time listening to last week's "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me." It was quite warm already at 11:30 a.m., but at least it was partly cloudy and the sun wasn't so strong. We had a nice breeze as well.

Costco is kitted out for summer already: folding chairs, coolers, beach blankets, hose containers, and more. We milled around the books and DVDs and got a few samples, including dark-chocolate-covered pomegranate seeds. None of that delicious artisan bread today, though.

We brought the things home and then went to WalMart; unfortunately they were out of what I wanted, but we were able to get some other things we needed. Then we arrived home, and since there was nowhere else to go and nothing else needed to buy, we settled in for the afternoon. I did a small bit of cleaning in the bathroom and we listened to yesterday's "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me." Once that was over, I put on one of the reports Leo LaPorte did from the Consumer Electronics Show. Boy, the "swag" from that show must have been great. One of the things Victorinox gave away was an "airplane safe" Swiss Army Knife (with no knife) with a 32GB thumb drive!

About halfway through this, James decided he needed to start dinner. So I got the baby monitor we bought when Mom was sick so he could hear the show out on the deck while he was grilling. The sound is terrible, but he could hear it.

In any case, we are baaaaa-dly lambed out. :-) Yesterday when we stopped at Publix, we found some lamb shoulder blades for a halfway reasonable price. James marinated them in herb and garlic marinade and grilled them, even though we had lamb yesterday (thank you, Phyllis!). We ate them with ramen noodles, with chocolate angel food cake for dessert. Delicious; nice and juicy! We have to pick up lamb shanks or something like it more often.

We have been watching World War II in Color tonight. We first saw this when we were in Rhode Island cleaning out Mom's house, so between this and Mom's own history, it always reminds me of her, especially when there is film of young women wearing the same hair style as she did back then.

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