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» Wednesday, February 16, 2011
Stuffy Day
Great Backyard Birdcount 2011Bah! Woke up at 12:30 after a nightmare in which I was lost and had lost my phone. Then woke up long before James' alarm went off with my nose completely blocked up. I see that wretched groundhog was right. (And the birds' songs have changed, too. I should have known spring—and pollen—was just around the corner. Wish Florida would keep its damn warm air to itself!) Compounding the wretched weather was the wretched news about Borders. They would get every one close by.

Sniffled through putting a purchase order together, asked about some quotations, noted I have yet another meeting to get quotes on. I always wonder why they can't hold these meeting things at our facility instead of hotels. I mean, building 21 (I think that's the building I had the Green class in a couple of years back) is huge. I wonder why they can't hold them there. Whatever.

Listened to the rest of the BBC's adaptation of Good Wives. Buffy Davis did such a good job as Jo in the first part, but all of a sudden she was using a cornball almost-Southern accent as the story went on. It really detracted from the stories if you were American! Listened to three episodes and a mini-sode of A Way With Words during the afternoon.

My nose seemed to ease this afternoon, then started getting stuffy again after supper. Pffft! We spent the evening watching "Watson" compete against Ken and Russ on Jeopardy, then Pioneers of Television about late-night television and Monday night's Castle and Hawaii Five-O. I figured that one person was in on it because I recognized one of the kidnappers' lips. :-)

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